XCMG Launches New Hydrogen-Powered Dump Truck, Expanding Renewable Energy Fleet

28 June 2024

XCMG Machinery is proud to unveil a new hydrogen fuel cell dump truck model, the EHSL552F, equipped with a 120kW hydrogen fuel cell and high-power battery system. This launch marks a significant step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 99.3 kilograms on a daily basis for large-scale transportation projects such as mining operations.

To meet the demand for long-distance operational capabilities, XCMG's latest hydrogen-powered vehicle integrates advanced technology with robust performance features. The EHSL552F model includes a fast 6-speed gearbox and boasts substantial chassis clearance, enabling it to easily navigate steep slopes.

The vehicle's design incorporates computer-aided topology optimization, along with new materials and processes that reduce the vehicle weight by 200kg without compromising structural strength or reliability. Additionally, the EHSL552F is designed for reduced maintenance costs within its lifespan of over 1.5 million kilometers.

By integrating optimized algorithms for smoothness and stability into the design process, XCMG has enhanced both the driving comfort and handling stability of the vehicle. This makes it easier for logistics companies to adopt more sustainable models.

The upgraded cabin features both interior enhancements for driver comfort and an exterior design that commands presence on the road. The electrical architecture of the vehicle has been revamped to improve intelligent driving aids and overall reliability, while ensuring safety through compliance with the EU ECE R29 crash regulation.

Since 2021, XCMG has been researching and manufacturing hydrogen energy equipment, culminating in the creation of the Shanghai Hydrogen Energy Technology Research Institute in April 2022. The Company has unveiled 16 different hydrogen energy equipment models, covering various sectors, including tractors, dump trucks and sanitation truck chassis. June 2023 saw the global debut of the hydrogen-powered electric loader developed in collaboration with a local miner in China, marking its official operation.

Recently in collaboration with REFIRE, their newly developed 49T fuel cell smart heavy trucks, powered by REFIRE's proprietary Mirror Star series fuel cells, commenced operations in Northwest China, serving green transportation needs within local green electricity production from coal projects.

This April, a landmark agreement was reached between CHN Energy, XCMG and THIKO New Energy to co-develop the first-ever 240-ton hydrogen-powered mining dump truck in the world. Besides heavy-duty trucks, XCMG also introduced other models, like hydrogen-fueled tractor units and urban construction vehicles, further diversifying their renewable energy portfolio.