Wabco signs, renews contracts worldwide

Saturday, Apr 15, 2017

Global Tier 1 automotive company Wabco Holdings has entered into contracts in local currencies with customers worldwide that total $1.2 billion of expected cumulative incremental business.

These contracts represent new incremental business for Wabco that is separate from replacement and renewal of existing contracts.

It comprises orders for Wabco products that improve vehicle safety, efficiency and connectivity, such as transmission automation technologies, modular braking system platforms, electronic suspension systems, actuators and braking solutions, and fleet management systems on commercial vehicles, alongside vacuum pumps for passenger cars.

“These new contracts significantly contribute to Wabco’s ongoing ability to generate sales growth that outperforms the commercial vehicle market relative to global truck and bus production,” said Jacques Esculier, Wabco chairman and chief executive officer.

“We expect to outperform our market on average from 6 to 10 % through 2021, taking into account that future new truck and bus builds globally appear to remain sluggish.”

“As further evidence of Wabco’s growth in North America, nearly one third of this new business through 2021 is anchored in that region, marking more than a twofold increase from a year ago,” said Esculier.

“In addition, almost half of our new business over the next five years is grounded in emerging economies where Wabco is solidly the market leader and continuously augmenting Wabco content per vehicle.”

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