Volkswagen Kicks Off High-Speed EV Charging Network in Taiwan, Powered by Noodoe EV OS

21 May 2024

Volkswagen and Noodoe proudly celebrated the launch of VW's high-speed electric vehicle (EV) charging network in Taiwan. Volkswagen unveiled the first of the upcoming 360kW DC fast charging stations, powered by Noodoe EV OS.

"We are bringing ultra-fast charging to all brands in Taiwan, as our intention is to electrify Taiwan and serve the growing number of electric vehicle owners," said Steffan Knapp, Managing Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars in Taiwan. "We chose to run our network with Noodoe EV OS because of its industry-leading uptime, ensuring the network always operates seamlessly and autonomously, providing drivers with the reliability and convenience they expect from Volkswagen."

Powered by Noodoe EV OS, the new charging network offers high-speed charging with an industry-leading 98% uptime, ensuring unmatched reliability. The cloud-based system controls and operates the infrastructure, automating station management, payment processing, and station repair and recovery. This streamlines the charging experience for EV drivers, making electric mobility convenient and accessible.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Volkswagen in pioneering the development of high-speed EV charging infrastructure," said John Wang, Chairman of Noodoe Group. "Drawing from our extensive experience, Noodoe is dedicated to empowering businesses worldwide to expand local EV charging markets through the development of the best EV charging operating system."

Launching this first charging station marks a significant milestone for Volkswagen's charging network and for the country's transition towards cleaner transportation solutions. As Volkswagen leads the way with its Noodoe-powered charging network, the stage is set for a sustainable future where electric mobility plays a central role in reducing emissions and fostering environmental stewardship.