Viatec Announces Plug-in Electric Genset, SmartPX

6 March 2023

At The 2023 Work Truck Week, Viatec is launching their newest product, SmartPX: A plug-in, all-electric alternative to gasoline or diesel generators. SmartPX is a first of its kind true electric genset that, unlike an inverter, uses a rotary generator to produce pure sine-wave 120VAC/ 240VAC power to run demanding equipment, creating a safe and quiet worksite for operators and helping organizations meet ESG goals while outperforming its combustion counterparts with the simplicity of an electric powertrain.

SmartPX was piloted on step vans for east-coast utility giant Duke Energy, collaborating with Viatec to develop its "Smart" family of products to meet fleet-level emissions goals.

"When Duke Energy approached us with the challenge of electrifying their fleet of step vans, it felt like the right fit. After a successful pilot and fleet-wide adoption of SmartPTO, we were eager to tackle a new set of challenges. Through this effort SmartPX was born," says Mark Ferri, CEO of Viatec

During the pilot, SmartPX was installed on a Utilimaster step van upfit to supply power to an array of tools and equipment – including a rooftop HVAC unit, a 4hp trash pump used to clear water and debris, internal and external 120V outlets, an external 240V outlet for heavier equipment, and 12V power to maintain vehicle batteries. Diesel generators typically installed on these vehicles cannot be used while driving, produce noise and emissions at the jobsite, and do not survive through the service life of the vehicle. SmartPX represents both, an overall improvement in performance, and a lifecycle that is 2-3 times longer than the genset it replaces.

SmartPX was designed with crews in mind, powering cab comfort, phone chargers, and appliances effectively – everything keeping crews comfortable on the jobsite. Recharge overnight with a standard 120V outlet at an operations center or residentially. SmartPX can also be recharged quicker using a Level II EV charger.

Viatec has worked with utility providers and vocational truck manufacturers to produce systems that fast-track fleet electrification. In 2019, Viatec successfully took their ePTO, SmartPTO to market and are today an industry standard in this technology. Their products allow fleet managers to reach emissions goals, eliminate worksite emissions, and extend the lives of their vehicles. Viatec's efforts to enable Zero Emission Worksites™ continue with SmartPX.