Sylvania Launches First Of Its Kind "Eye Exam" For Your Car Headlights Via "Eyecare By Sylvania" Campaign

13 January 2023

OSRAM SYLVANIA, Inc. the leader in automotive lighting solutions for the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers today unveiled its new campaign "EYECARE by SYLVANIA." Incorporating elements of a standard eye exam, the multimedia campaign allows drivers to literally "see the difference" in their nighttime driving experience as a result of SYLVANIA headlights.To kick off the "EYECARE by SYLVANIA" campaign, a unique pop-up experience mimicking an eye exam was created to showcase how headlights, just like your eyes, benefit from routine care. Taking place at the Speed Vegas dirt track in Las Vegas, the "EYECARE by SYLVANIA" pop-up featured an interactive drive-through exam where drivers could experience the difference of new SYLVANIA headlights and learn about the importance of proper auto lighting maintenance.  

The "EYECARE by SYLVANIA" pop-up experience featured a custom-built, first-of-its-kind automotive phoropter – similar to the phoropters used by optometrists – that showcased in a real-life scenario the difference between old bulbs and new bulbs. The pop-up's proprietary headlight exam design housed two different SYLVANIA bulbs that could be switched on and off easily to demonstrate each bulb as compared to a vehicle's current headlight bulbs. A custom eye exam chart and objects typically found on the road, such as road signs and deer, were placed at various ranges to help demonstrate the test. Additionally, participants were able to learn how easy it was to replace their own headlights by doing it themselves or watching a professional. You can view highlights of the "EYECARE by SYLVANIA" pop-up experience here.

"Connecting consumers to an aspect they recognize well, a routine eye exam, we designed the EYECARE by SYLVANIA headlight exam to demonstrate the importance of headlight maintenance and how much visibility is lost if you wait until burnout to replace your headlights," said Erin O'Malley, Director of Marketing, SYLVANIA. "Our expert research has shown that headlight bulbs can dim over time – losing as much as 50 feet of visibility before burnout. This campaign allows drivers to experience the power of SYLVANIA headlights, first-hand, and in a completely new and unexpected way."  

Extending the life of the pop-up, SYLVANIA is giving drivers the opportunity to experience "EYECARE by SYLVANIA" with their very own at-home kits. The "EYECARE by SYLVANIA" mailer will include a SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit, branded microfiber glasses cleaner, branded car air freshener, stickers, as well as a set of SYLVANIA's premium halogen SilverStar® Ultra bulbs. Recipients of these complimentary headlights will receive a QR code insert that will direct them to which allows them to access SYLVANIA's library of instructional videos that help guide drivers through easy, step-by-step installation.

The "EYECARE by SYLVANIA" at-home kit will be available for free while supplies last at Recipients of the at-home kit are encouraged to use the hashtag #EYECAREbySYLVANIA to share their experiences on social media.

Supported by social media and out-of-home advertising, the "EYECARE by SYLVANIA" campaign was created in partnership with Fitzco, SYLVANIA's advertising agency of record.