Stellantis Partners with GlobalLogic to Open a Software Facility in Poland

22 February 2023

GlobalLogic Inc., a Hitachi Group Company and Digital Engineering Leader, today confirmed it is establishing a new automotive-centric software facility in Poland as part of its continued efforts to enable car manufacturers worldwide to develop software-defined vehicles (SDVs). The initiative was prompted by its ongoing collaboration with Stellantis as the global automaker and mobility provider advances its platform for SDVs. The companies’ new partnership phase enables Stellantis to maximize its ability to evolve and deliver customizable open automotive platforms.

According to a recent report from Goldman Sachs, “We are entering a new era where SDVs (software-centric automotive development) will determine who has the competitive edge in the auto industry.” Next generation vehicles rely on software to decrease hardware dependencies in ways that better the whole consumer experience, from driving to maintenance.

Stellantis, a leading global automaker and mobility provider, is deploying next-generation technology platforms that build on existing connected vehicle capabilities to transform how customers interact with their vehicles. This transformation will move Stellantis’ vehicles to an open software-defined platform that seamlessly integrates with customers’ digital lives and greatly expands the options customers have to add innovative features and services via regular over-the-air (OTA) updates keeping vehicles fresh, exciting, and updated years after they have been built.

“As newer digital technologies become available, the infrastructure around and inside our cars should adapt to meet driver expectations,” said Tara Vatcher, Senior Vice President, Software Architecture and Development, Stellantis. “Therefore, it’s important to us that we work with an engineering partner that is dialed in to the cutting edge of what’s possible with automotive solutions. GlobalLogic’s commitment to our success through the establishment of this new facility proves we’re making the right choice in extending our partnership.”

GlobalLogic provides Stellantis with key talent expertise in software, verification and validation platforms, DevOps, and over-the-air integration supporting several Stellantis application platforms. The systems developed throughout this partnership continue to accelerate base software platform development for Stellantis vehicles worldwide.

“GlobalLogic has a deep history of collaborating with global automotive manufacturers. We’re putting that knowledge to work as we, along with Stellantis will reimagine the driving experience using digital solutions. This partnership represents our continued focus on driving the industry towards powerful software-defined vehicle experiences,” stated Ramki Krishna, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Automotive & Industrial Business, GlobalLogic.