Rhythmos.io and FlexCharging Partner to Optimize the Electric Grid for a Clean Energy Future

20 June 2024

Today, Rhythmos.io and FlexCharging have partnered to expand access to distribution system-optimized managed charging and asset management for utilities and electric vehicle owners. This collaboration between Rhythmos.io, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning data analytics company, offers great potential for enhancing utility-managed and fleet charging programs. Rhythmos.io and FlexCharging continue to bolster their network of partners to expand EV charging solutions and offer utilities, drivers, and fleet managers smart charging technology that will accelerate EV adoption.

Power consumption is projected to triple by 2050, and the mix of renewables will likely double in the next 15 years. As electricity demands and non-dispatchable renewable sources that cannot be turned on and off like traditional energy sources increase, integrations between Rhythmos.io and FlexCharging become increasingly essential tools for utilities to manage the power system. Rhythmos.io software optimizes EV charging to align with high renewable energy availability periods to ensure ongoing electric grid reliability while keeping preferences and controls at a driver’s fingertips.

Rhythmos.io continues building its partnership ecosystem by collaborating with EV charging equipment and service providers, EV manufacturers, and utilities to ensure electric system reliability. “By forming this partnership with FlexCharging, we are bringing EV stakeholders together to accelerate innovation and help prevent grid reliability challenges before they happen,” said Kenneth Munson, Rhythmos.io CEO. “This is precisely the type of cutting-edge partnership Rhythmos.io seeks to foster. It further shows how Rhythmos.io bridges between utility, vehicle manufacturer, and charging infrastructure ecosystems to enable more seamless and timely EV adoption,” he added.

FlexCharging has developed its patented Adaptive PollingTM system that addresses critical shortcomings of other telematics providers, namely, lost data and poor customer experience. “These shortcomings were recently featured in a New York Public Service Commission filing by National Grid,” stated Rhythmos.io Chief Operating Officer Mark Rawson. “FlexCharging is bringing more advanced technology to market to improve smart charging performance for utilities and EV drivers that will improve the driver experience and increase driver retention in utility charging programs,” he added.

Rhythmos.io and FlexCharging are expanding throughout North America. The partnership offers complete turnkey distribution-optimized managed charging programs for utilities that provide customer program design, customer recruitment, and easy and intuitive driver and utility dashboards for grid-aware active managed charging solutions that utilities seek. Their integrated solution goes beyond traditional managed charging solutions offered by others that do not address grid constraints for utilities. EV drivers plug in their vehicles, and Rhythmos.io Cadency EdgeAISM cloud-based software will optimize when charging occurs to align with times of low grid stress and high renewable energy availability, helping to reduce the impact on the electric grid and the environment while saving money.

“FlexCharging saves EV drivers money on time-of-use rates, maximizes the use of clean energy through carbon-optimized charging, and empowers solar owners to drive on sunlight. What's exciting about Rhythmos.io is their ability to understand the effects of electric vehicles and distributed energy resources at the utility transformer, feeder, and substation level,” said Brian Grunkemeyer, FlexCharging founder and CEO. “Their analytical solutions allow utilities to detect EV charging through advanced metering infrastructure, characterize how energy is being used today and how that impacts utility assets, and optimize charging to protect utility assets and reduce grid constraints,” he added. “They easily integrate into our charging management system to provide utilities an easy and straightforward comprehensive solution.”

As the transportation sector electrifies, the electric grid must be prepared. Collaboration, innovation, and information sharing are critical to successfully meeting future demands. FlexCharging and Rhythmos.io are committed to working together to unify their efforts to advance electric transportation goals.