Renault-Nissan India gets energy efficient heat pump solution from Bosch

Thursday, Nov 03, 2016

Bosch India’s Energy and Building Solutions team executed an efficiency project as a pilot at Renault-Nissan Automotive India. On conducting a feasibility study at the washing machine setup in the OEM’s powertrain plant, Bosch India’s energy team suggested to substitute the existing electrical resistive heating system with a more energy efficient heating solution based on heat pump.

“Bosch India’s energy efficiency team played a key role in designing a solution that was tailor-made to the existing process needs of Renault-Nissan India, while maintaining a reliable supply of process heat. This solution has been extended to other automotive OEMs in India as well. It is also, currently being explored in other industries like dairy, pharma, FMCG, hotels and hospitals,” said Venugopalan CM, head, Bosch India’s Energy Business.

At Renault-Nissan India’s plant, Bosch India’s energy team has indigenously developed and implemented a customized heat pump solution to reduce the energy consumption of the component washing process.

The air source heat pumps installed at the plant maintained the temperature of the chemical bath as per the process requirement. Additionally, it also emitted cold air which helped improve the immediate working environment. The reduction in consumption of electricity has also helped lower CO2 emission by around 50 percent, informed the autoparts maker in an official statement.


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