Polaris-Eicher to launch 600cc 4-wheeler on June 18

Thursday, Jun 11, 2015

Eicher Motors and Polaris joint venture will launch its first product on June 18. The product is a four-wheeled multi-purpose vehicle which can be a replacement for various segments such as SCV, tractor and also a personal vehicle, a company source informed

The vehicle is expected to be priced between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 3 lakh and will be available in multiple variants with the option of power take-off (PTO) attachments. These attachments would help the vehicle perform like a farm equipment.

The Vehicle is powered with a 600 cc diesel engine sourced from a leading small engine maker Greave, multiple people familiar with knowledge told

The vehicle will target small businessmen in rural Indian markets and would be first-of-its-kind product from Polaris or Eicher.

Eicher Motors, the maker of trucks, signed an equal joint venture with US-based Polaris Industries in 2012. It was announced at the time that the overall investment in to the joint venture would be aroound $50 million, shared equally between the two partners over a three-year period.

The joint venture is also building a factory at Jaipur on the same location where Royal Enfield's erstwhile Jaipur factory was situated. The new plant too will be inaugurated on June 18.

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