Matador AI Launches International Expansion Through Exclusive Canadian Partnership with AutoSync

4 June 2024

Matador AI, an innovative pioneer in artificial intelligence for the automotive industry, today announced the launch of an international expansion of its offerings by way of an exclusive strategic partnership with TRADER Corporation software division AutoSync, the leading provider of automotive software solutions to dealers in Canada. The partnership provides Canadian automotive dealerships access to the most cutting-edge AI technologies on the market today, enabling them to transform their operations to boost customer engagement and bolster service efficiencies.

As Matador AI’s business has been focused on the United States, the exclusive partnership with AutoSync marks a significant international application of its suite of AI tools, which are designed to optimize the customer journey from initial interest to post-sales support. AutoSync will immediately integrate the features of Matador’s AI-driven platform, which include real-time insights, personalized communication, and streamlined operations, all of which are designed to help dealerships enhance their service offerings and drive improved customer satisfaction.

“The proliferation of AI tools in the automotive retail space is changing the game for forward-thinking dealers around the globe seeking the most effective ways to maintain a competitive edge,” said Nick Cossette, Head of Growth, Matador AI. “AutoSync’s clear market leadership and robust distribution network establishes a clear path for a substantial number of Canadian dealerships to easily adopt and integrate technologies that will help them thrive. Today, automotive dealers in virtually every country in the world have the same access to this technology that delivers a powerful competitive advantage.”

The combination of AutoSync’s established presence, reputation, and expertise and Matador AI’s innovative and thoughtful approach to developing tools that resolve some of dealers’ most challenging pain points, demonstrate the complementary nature of two approaches that dovetail perfectly to drive improved customer experience and overall dealership profitability. Matador AI’s solutions seamlessly integrate into existing dealership technology systems, enabling quick and easy adoption of powerful AI tools among dealership operators wherever they do business.

“Matador AI’s solutions align perfectly with our mission to empower dealers with the tools they need for success in a digital-first age,” said Matt Lawson, Chief Sales Officer, AutoSync. “Through our partnership, the Canadian automotive market is now on the bleeding edge of what’s possible. We are confident that our joint efforts will set a new benchmark for customer relations within the automotive sector.”

Matador AI provides dealerships the ability to tap into the power of AI to forecast market trends, better understand customer needs, and deliver distinctive personalized experiences that are necessary in order to maintain a market leadership position. By setting a new benchmark for dealer operations, the Matador AI’s technology also represents a leap forward for the entire automotive industry.