Luxury automaker Aston Martin considers building a plant near Mercedes-Benz's Tuscaloosa Facility

Tuesday, Apr 28, 2015

Tuscaloosa County is already known as an automotive manufacturing hub, but Aston Martin may soon add another feather to the cap of the local economy.

The luxury automaker announced to a British automotive publication that it is considering building a new factory near the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vance, according to a report from the Tuscaloosa News.

“It is not decided yet, but clearly, with our arrangement with Daimler, it would make sense to look closely at the possible synergies of working close to them in Alabama,” Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer told Autocar.

The publication said Aston Martin will most likely manufacture a version of the Aston DBX concept car.

Additionally, Autocar said if the plant is built, it would receive and incorporate partly completed rolling chassis from Mercedes. By building facilities close to Mercedes, Aston Martin will be able to reduce the cost of transporting the parts, along with forming partnerships with existing automotive suppliers in the Tuscaloosa area.

The German parent company of Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG, owns 5 percent of Aston Martin. There have also been rumors that Daimler would purchase Aston Martin, but those rumors have been denied.

Daimler and Aston Martin signed a technical partnership in 2013, with Mercedes agreeing to supply the British automaker with different components, including electrical systems.

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