Jim Butler Automotive Group grows revenue with digital presence

Wednesday, Mar 25, 2015

Connecting with more customers worldwide over the Internet has helped Jim Butler Automotive Group grow revenue to $181.3 million in 2014, up from $166.7 million in 2013, according to CEO Brad Sowers.

That digital effort will also help the company grow between 10 percent and 20 percent in 2015 as it continues to sell and provide parts for cars online.

The company has invested about $1 million into its digital advertising campaign — more than 160 different websites drive business Sowers’ way.

Jim Butler is one of St. Louis’ largest auto dealers, having sold more than 8,000 vehicles across its three dealerships in 2014, up from 6,000 in 2013. The company is among the top 150 largest privately held companies in the region, a list the Business Journal will publish on Friday.

Jim Butler has also used its online presence to engage out-of-market customers. “We have a concierge division for our out-of-state customers so if they buy a car from us, we can set the whole process up online,” Sowers said. “We’ll fly them in or deliver the car to them at their home. It’s only about 3 percent of our business now, but we think it will grow in the future.”

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