Inmotive Enters Joint Development Agreement with Suzuki for Implementation of its Ingear Two-Speed EV Transmission

11 January 2023

Inmotive has signed a joint development agreement with Suzuki to develop an Ingear™ 2-speed EV transmission for a future Suzuki electric vehicle.  

"This partnership with Suzuki exemplifies the value that the Ingear two-speed transmission can bring to electric vehicles, including cost, range, performance and efficiency improvements," said Paul Bottero, CEO, Inmotive. "Jointly developing our technology for a future Suzuki vehicle is a big step toward commercialization and realizing Inmotive's vision of accelerating the global evolution to affordable zero-emission mobility."

The Ingear is the world's most efficient 2-speed transmission designed specifically for EVs. Through its compact and simple design, the Ingear can improve electric vehicle cost, range and efficiency. An Ingear can extend EV range by up to 15% and improve acceleration by up to 15%. Its patented geometry ensures a smooth and quiet ride.