Toyota Mirai to be built at Motomachi plant in Japan

Friday, Dec 05, 2014

Toyota is planning to manufacture its new hydrogen-powered Mirai fuel cell vehicle at the company’s Motomachi plant in Japan which was previously responsible for the production of Lexus LFA.

Mirai's dedicated platform and hydrogen-powered drivetrain and its large fuel tanks require detailing which can be only built by hands.

The company is planning to produce 700 units of Mirai in the first year and it has already received orders for 200 units.

Automotive News reported Toyota domestic sales executive vice president Masamoto Maekawa saying: "Each unit is carefully built with utmost care. So therefore, the production volume might be limited.

"During the initial stages, delivery time might be delayed. The 200 orders are mostly from government and corporate fleets."

Prior to assigning the task of producing Mirai, the company looked for other use of the plant which included production of carbon fiber components for various Toyota and Lexus models.

Toyota did build limited number of carbon fiber bicycles in the plant.