GreenTech Automotive opens new facility in Tunica County,United States

Friday, Oct 24, 2014

A company once under federal investigation for its business practices opened on  Wednesday in Tunica County, Mississippi.

GreenTech Automotive is trying to make a dent in the global market for green car and move mast misconduct  allegations. 

The automaker cut the ribbon to a new start, and work was already underway inside. 

"This has been a journey for this project," Lyn Arnold, president and CEO of the Tunica County Chamber and Economic Development Foundation, said. 

More than two years ago, a whistleblower told WREG he didn’t make any cars while working in the company's former plant in Horn Lake. 

A federal investigation also looked at the company's use of visas that allows foreigners to live in the United States. 

"The allegations are in the past. Let us head towards the future," Terey Agner, plant manager at  GTA said. 

The company welcomed the investigation and told WREG last year they have been doing the right things and following all of the guidelines.

"We are building cars. The proof is in the pudding right behind me" Agner said. "The cars are being built, jobs are being created. So from that standpoint, we're here." 

GreenTech is building MyCar, a two-seater Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). 

"It's 100 percent electric car. It runs on lithium-ion battteries. Therefore, it is a very special, fun for big cities at this time, to retirement communities ," Agner said. 

Cars are getting more than 50 employees. Many of the employees hired by the plant live in Mississippi. 

The Tunica County Chamber said the company and jobs were needed for the changing landscape of the city . 

"We're transitioning somewhat from the casino industry in most manufacturing and things like that. So it's very important for us," Arnold said. 

GreenTech said they have never heard anything back from the feds on the investigation, including whether it was ever closed. 

The automotive company is having a job fair on November 1 between 10 am to 2 pm The company will be looking to fill 40 to 50 new positions.