Advance Auto Parts Opens its store South Plainfield's Oak Park Commons Mall

Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014

Advance Auto Parts, the largest supplier of auto parts in North America, celebrates its opening in Oak Park Commons Mall on Saturday October 18th. 

Located at 911 Oak Tree Road, Advance Auto Parts had its official opening ceremony, which included rock music, fancy cars, breakfast and great automotive sales.Headquartered in Roanoke, Va., Advance Auto Parts has now made a home in South Plainfield.

Advance Auto Parts offers a number of free services to its customers. Those services include free battery and wiper installation, and free electrical system testing such items as batteries, alternators and starter motors. 

"We are a very community-oriented business," said Thakur Shiwcharan, Advance Auto Parts general manager,said. "Eighty-five percent of our employees are from South Plainfield." 

Advanced Auto Parts provides an array of automotive parts and supplies to other auto parts stores, garages and the general public. 

Purchasing a bag of supplies, Senior Pastor De’Andre Salter from the Tabernacle Church said "This is really great for the community. Advance Auto Parts is the creating jobs, and offering great deals and prices. I hope everyone comes out to support this local business. "

"Your success is our success," South Plainfield Economic Development Chairman Derryck White said. "Whatever help we can lend, we will do as a governing body and as a municipality. White’s comments were as follows.: 

"This is a great addition to the town. It is a vibrant shopping center. It was sad to see the old tenant leaves, but what was once a tough moment for the Borough is now a great one for both South Plainfield and Advance Auto Parts" South Plainfield Mayor Matthew P. Anesh said.