Holley Performance Brands Introduces Terminator X Max EFI Kit for Godzilla Engines

30 May 2024

Holley Performance Brands a leader in automotive aftermarket performance solutions, today announced the release of the Holley Terminator X Max electronic fuel injection kit for the popular Ford Godzilla engine. The system is the latest offering in Holley’s growing portfolio of engine swap solutions for performance enthusiasts. The advanced engine management system is specifically designed for classic muscle car and truck owners looking to install and run the powerful 7.3-liter Ford Godzilla engine with ease.

The Terminator X Max system arrives at a significant time for the performance aftermarket. More classic car and truck enthusiasts are looking to unlock the full potential of these powerhouse engines for a variety of experiences, including cruising, rock crawling, truck pulling and racing. Terminator X Max meets these needs with unparalleled control over fuel and ignition systems.

“The Terminator X Max for Godzilla engines is another great example of how we are providing our classic car and truck enthusiasts with state-of-the-art solutions that meet their passion for performance,” said Matthew Stevenson, President and CEO, Holley Performance Brands. “Its ease and convenience mark a major step forward for DIY automotive performance. Once again, we’re putting the power of one of the most popular engines right in our customer’s hands.”

With plug-and-play installation, customizable tuning and integrated data access, the Terminator X Max for Godzilla is a both a significant evolution in engine swap accessibility and a substantial addition to Holley’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions that make it seamless to swap the most popular engines from manufacturers like General Motors, Ford and Stellantis.

Like other EFI systems in Holley’s arsenal, the kit can be combined with Holley Godzilla products like the Holley Godzilla accessory drive, oil system and low-profile intake manifold to maximize classic vehicle performance.