Ford opens its first vehicle customisation centre in Chennai, India

Friday, Feb 06, 2015

Ford has opened a vehicle Personalisation Centre in India in Chennai, enabling new EcoSport buyers to customise urban SUV. The Vehicle Personalisation Centre situated near its plant is spread over 35,000 square feet.

"Customers today view vehicles as an extension of their own personalities and are keen to customize their cars to stand out from the clutter. Our customers today are socially conscious who don't compromise and want things done their way. They desire for enhanced levels of personalisation to make vehicles look distinctly theirs," said John Cooper, vice president Customer Service Division at Ford Asia Pacific. "Adding to the overall brand ownership experience, we will provide customers peace of mind through premium quality customization options that they can trust without compromising on safety, quality or vehicle warranties."

The centre will be equipped with 19 ergonomically designed modification bays operated by Ford's trained technicians to deliver the level of trust and quality expected from Ford vehicles.

While Ford customers will get quality, factory-fitted customization options without any waiting period, the centre will simplify transactions for the company's dealers and remove the need for them to stock vehicle accessories.



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