Farasis Energy Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with Indian Customer Ingar at INAPA 2024

16 May 2024

Farasis Energy, a global leader in pouch power batteries for new energy vehicles and energy storage systems, showcases its latest mass-produced Super Pouch Solution  along with its standard electric motorcycle batteries 7432/7455 and a series of swappable battery products at the largest comprehensive auto and motorcycle parts exhibition in Southeast Asia, which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

On the opening day, Farasis Energy also announced a strategic partnership with Ingar, a pioneer in India's new energy industry. This collaboration aims to accelerate the electrification of passenger vehicles and two-wheelers in Southeast Asia and South Asia, fostering energy conservation, emission reduction, and industrial chain development.

SPS is designed to optimize charging efficiency, reduce costs, enhance performance, and adapt to various EV models. This ground-breaking solution integrates four key technologies: large-format pouch cells, integrated battery systems, cutting-edge manufacturing processes and efficient direct recycling. The standard electric motorcycle batteries 7432/7455 feature high energy density, fast-charging capabilities, lightweight design, excellent high-temperature performance, and robust power.

Farasis Energy has made significant strides in safety and energy performance, developing a single battery cell thermal runaway protection technology. It has completed the industrialization of a 400Wh/kg battery cell and development of a 500Wh/kg cell sample. Its BMS/EE systems have independently developed and received certification for ISO26262 functional safety ASIL C products.

On the international front, Farasis Energy has established collaborations with global giants such as Mercedes-Benz, Siro, Mahindra Group, Zero, Polaris, and Aurora. Building on its new strategic partnership with Ingar, a specialist in new energy passenger vehicles, motorcycles, lithium batteries, and swappable battery connectors, Farasis Energy is set to drive energy transformation and industrial upgrades in Southeast and South Asia. Ingar was established in 1988 and is one of the earliest companies in India to enter the new energy industry. It focuses on the new energy and renewable energy sectors, dedicated to solving supply chain challenges. Its main products include new energy passenger vehicles, lithium batteries for two-wheelers, and battery connectors for swapping. The business covers major new energy OEMs in India, communication power transmission, industrial electrical components, and serves customers including top Indian companies such as Tata Motors, Mahindra Group, BAJAJ, and OLA DAIKIN.