EcoFlow Offers More On-the-Road Power for Adventurers with Launch of New Alternator Charger

16 May 2024

EcoFlow, a leading portable power and eco-friendly energy solutions company, will expand its suite of On-the-Road Power Solutions with the launch of the new Alternator Charger — an industry-first providing travelers and outdoor enthusiasts with fast charging capabilities by harnessing their excess vehicle alternator energy.

3-in-1 Charger, Jump Starter and Battery Maintainer

Beyond an 800W alternator charger, the EcoFlow Alternator Charger also serves as an emergency jump starter for vehicles and includes a built-in battery maintainer to enhance the longevity of the vehicle starter battery.

With demand for accessible energy and off-grid comfort across the RV, overlanding and van life communities, there is a need for unrestricted access to electricity that isn't dependent on fixed power locations or gas generators.

Connecting directly to a vehicle's starter battery, the Alternator Charger installs easily and allows users to drive and re-charge select* EcoFlow devices and DELTA series power stations simultaneously, ensuring endless energy and providing home-like comfort for any adventure.

With an unprecedented 800W of power output and DC-to-DC charging, the Alternator Charger efficiently replenishes 1kWh worth of power in just 1.3 hours while in transit, 8X faster than the 12V cigarette charger in the vehicle.

The Alternator Charger can back-feed the vehicle battery from a connected portable power station, allowing it to operate as a jump starter to prevent users from being stranded. Its battery maintainer also ensures the vehicle starter battery stays in peak condition consistently.

Pass-through charging capability allows simultaneous operation of onboard appliances and devices while harnessing solar energy from any connected solar panels — an unparalleled convenience compared to conventional generators.

"With more of our customers looking for ways to enhance off-grid living, the EcoFlow On-the-Road power solutions provide them with home-like comfort while traveling," said Brian Essenmacher, EcoFlow's North American head of business development. "Say goodbye to the inconvenience of searching for power sources, the new Alternator Charger bundled with EcoFlow portable power solutions underscores our dedication to expand electrification in the RV and auto industry, fueled by sustainable and efficient power solutions."

EcoFlow's On-the-Road Power Solution

The Alternator Charger builds on EcoFlow's expanding suite of user-friendly power solutions designed to make the on-the-road journey feel like home. It joins EcoFlow's On-the-Road Power Solution lineup, which includes:

  • DELTA Series: Top suite of portable power stations with a range of storage capacities, including Delta 2, DELTA 2 Max and DELTA Pro, with electric and solar charging capabilities for true off-grid energy freedom and comfort.
  • Solar Panels: Full range of rigid and portable solar panels letting users harness the sun's power for endless energy whether at home or on-the-road. No gas or maintenance required means energy to power user adventures that's clean with no fuel costs.
  • WAVE 2: Wireless portable air conditioner and heater, with fast and efficient cooling and heating capabilities for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and no installation required.

The Alternator Charger with DELTA series enters EcoFlow's lineup as a flexible DIY power solution for a wide range of vehicles, including cars and motorhomes. It complements the company's existing fully integrated power system for RVs and camper vans  — the compact and modular Power Kit. EcoFlow Power Kit is designed to provide the ultimate RV and camper van power solution, providing up to 15kWh of power to keep onboard appliances and devices running while off the grid.

EcoFlow recently expanded its availability for RV enthusiasts with its Winnebago Industries partnership, and integrated Power Kits are now available in Winnebago Solis Pocket 36B. Developed in partnership with the RV manufacturer, these Power Kits feature an exclusive 5-in-1 power management controller that allows hookups from batteries, solar and alternator, all controlled through an intuitive digital touchscreen.

Product Availability

The Alternator Charger is currently available for pre-order with DELTA Series portable power stations at up to 35% off, including a complimentary solar panel, until June 24, on the EcoFlow website and On May 24, it will become officially available at $599.

  • Alternator Charger + DELTA 2: $999 (35% off, originally $1548)
  • Alternator Charger + DELTA 2 Max: $1699 (31% off, originally $2448)
  • Alternator Charger + DELTA Pro + Generator Adapter: $2999 (29% off, originally $4248)
  • Alternator Charger + WAVE 2 + Accessories (Extra Battery + Duct): $1399 (45% off, originally $2747) before May 24th, $1499 before June 24th

 * EcoFlow Alternator Charger is compatible with Delta 2, Delta Max, Delta 2 Max, Delta Pro and Wave 2 Add-on Battery.