Eaton’s innovative safety solutions help accelerate electric vehicle transition

15 June 2024

Eaton, the intelligent power management company, today announced that it will be exhibiting at the Battery Europe event in Stuttgart, Germany, June 18-20. Hall 10-A36 of The Battery Show Europe showcases a comprehensive portfolio of safety-focused electric vehicle technologies.

Mark Schneider, president of Eaton's vehicle electrification business, said: "As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to increase, we are helping customers around the world meet the increasing demand through innovative new technologies. Whether the vehicle is powered by gasoline or electricity, safety is always the top priority. , our electric vehicle solutions ensure the safety of the occupants and the vehicle itself at all times.”

Breaktor is the first high-voltage electric vehicle protection device

Eaton's Breaktor® circuit protection technology combines the functions of fuses, explosion-proof switches and contactors into a single coordinated and resettable device. As the power level of electric vehicles increases, Breaktor solves the increasing coordination problem between fuses and contactors, providing extremely fast, safe and reliable protection for high-power battery and inverter systems.

3-in-1 battery vent valve improves battery pack leak testing

Eaton’s 3-in-1 Battery Vent Valve is the first solution on the market with three unique functions. In addition to passive and active ventilation that provides over-pressure relief for the vehicle's battery pack, it also includes an industry-first battery box leak check device.

It can be opened during testing, allowing battery manufacturers to conduct a comprehensive leak check on a fully assembled battery pack with the valve in place. All sealing surfaces of the battery pack have undergone comprehensive waterproof testing to eliminate customers' worries. This technology, developed by Eaton, improves vehicle safety during normal operation and in the event of flooding.

The design of the exhaust valve is precise and flexible to meet the specific opening pressure and optimize the exhaust. Its spring-based actuation technology enables Eaton to meet different cracking pressure requirements with the same valve design, thereby achieving economies of scale.

Fuel tank isolation valve relieves pressure in hybrid electric vehicles

Eaton's next-generation fuel tank isolation valve (FTIV) relieves pressure in the fuel tank of hybrid electric vehicles where the gasoline engine does not operate continuously. The pressure must be relieved when the vehicle is in electric mode, and when refueling, the tank must be depressurized to avoid spillage.

High power lockbox terminals provide protection from the outside environment

Eaton's High Power Lock Box Terminals (HPLB) act as an interface for conductors and establish a point at which external circuits can be connected, making them ideal for current and future electric vehicle solutions. They offer numerous advantages over competing solutions, including space savings, superior performance, cost savings and reduced manufacturing complexity. In addition, they are efficient, reliable and immune to external influences.

Eaton Bussmann Series Fuses Optimized for High Power Electric Vehicles

Eaton's Bussmann® Series fuses are rated up to 1,000 volts direct current (VDC) and 600 amps to meet the requirements of high-power electric vehicles.

Eaton hybrid and electric vehicle fuses are designed to manage and protect charging systems in electric commercial vehicles, passenger cars and high-efficiency vehicles such as sports cars and large sport utility vehicles.