Argonne Assembles Electric Vehicle Experts to Create Better Experiences at Charging Stations

15 June 2024

The National Charging Experience Consortium brought together scientists, software developers, vehicle manufactures, other national laboratories and industry partners to address a priority for electric vehicle drivers: making sure the charging technology works.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory is leading a task force tapped by the Joint Office of Energy and Transportationwhich funds the Charge X Consortium  a collaborative effort between Argonne, Idaho National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

ChargeX has three working groups that focus on defining the charging experience, testing its reliability and usability, and developing solutions to help improve that experience on a large scale. These working groups have already released helpful publications on error codes and payment recommendations to help streamline the charging experience for drivers. Now, the testing methodology task force within the scaling reliability working group is creating frameworks for testing interoperability.

The Task Force has currently outlined 16 distinct testing categories, each with its own subset of detailed test scenarios. These scenarios consider what a user might experience in the real world, including a wide variety of both

The Task Force included test cases surrounding equipment issues, such as faulty cables, loss of internet signal or loss of power. They also explored charge discovery cases  such as what happens if a user starts with a partially inserted connector or a broken latch  and power transfer issues that might arise from conditions like temperature changes.