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Mikrofine Toolings (P) Limited

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Mikrofine Toolings (P) Limited
Mikrofine Toolings (P) Limited

Automotive Products

With consistent focus on precision engineering since 1993 Mikrofine stands proud as a provider to some of the biggest names in the industry. We manufacture Molds, product Precision injection components and design and make CNC-build components for a host of products including Medical & Surgical Devices, Elecrtical and Electronic products, Automotive parts & accessories. Mikrofine offers high end tools with latest CNC machines to assist our qualified designers, engineers and workers to develop world class products. Please browse through our website to see what all we have to offer and see our tool room capabilities.

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Mikrofine Toolings (P) Limited
Plot 183 Lane# 2
Krishna Nagar Industrial Area
Ballabgarh Faridabad HR 121004, INDIA
Tel: +91 (129) 427-4300
URL: www.mikrofine.com

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