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Meneta Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd

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Fine Blanked Back Plates, Noise Reduction Shim And Shim Materials

Meneta Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd
Meneta Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd

Fine Blanked Back Plates

MENETA was established in Odense Denmark in year 1953, over the years it has established itself to be a good quality manufacturer of fine blanked back plates, noise reduction shim and shim materials. MENETA India was established in year 2007, as a 100% subsidiary of MENETA Denmark.

MENETA specializes in research and development for anti-noise shims & back plates facilitating manufacturer of disk brake lining in OE and aftermarket. Its customers recognize it as a highly qualified manufacturer and development partner

MENETA provides a professional consulting on the right choice of products providing total services to customers. Motivated & committed professionals human resource contributes the development & production of new products.

MENETA focuses on optimizing its products to meet the automotive industry requirement of efficiency, reliability and innovation. The quality is a primary focus in design, development methods of production, supply chain management to achieve the stakeholder’s values.

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Meneta Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd
Village Hasamabad
P.O. Bahalgarh, Dist. Sonipat
Haryana - 131021, INDIA
URL: www.menetaindia.com

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