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Kalyani Mould Base Pvt. Ltd

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Standard Mould Base, Custom Made Mould Base, Machined and Ground Plate, Mould accessories - PPD & Mould accessories - PPD

Kalyani Mould Base Pvt. Ltd
Kalyani Mould Base Pvt. Ltd

Standard Mould Base

Kalyani is a 25 year old mould base manufacturing company located on the suburb of Mumbai. A well equipped large number of precision CNC Milling Machine and Jig Boring Machine run in 100% air conditioned environment have capacity to manufacture mould bases from smallest to a larger sizes upto 4 meter long x 1500 width. A very highly skilled dedicated work force with a large number of back up machine's including very large capacity Surface grinding machines we can manufacture any precision and critical mould bases.

We warehouse a large stock of Carbon Steel (c 45) and Mould Steel (P 20) plates with Band saw facilities that command us on quicker off the shelf material availability.

We have a very impressive, long associated customer bases spread all across India and worldwide. We export Mould bases to customers In Australia, Europe, Gulf Countries and Africa.

Kalyani's commitment to consistent quality, reliability and quicker deliveries will make the mould maker to concentrate on the core and cavity inserts and cut down the mould making time.

Kalyani's specialty in Manufacturing tailor made mould bases to the exact requirement of the customer drawing's and specification with cooling hole drilling and any angle machining, we can provide the mould bases to meet or exceed your expectations.

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Kalyani Mould Base Pvt. Ltd
14, Raju Industrial Estate,Penkar Pada Street,
Near Dahisar Octroi Check Post
Post - Mira, Dist - Thana 401104, India
Tel: +9122-28966637
URL: www.kalyanimouldbase.com

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