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Hongyi JIG Rapid Technologies

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Automotive Head/Tail Lamps, Reverse Engineering Tool Design, Rapid Prototyping, Mock Ups, Stamping Dies, Injection Molds & Rubber Molds

Hongyi JIG Rapid Technologies
Hongyi JIG Rapid Technologies

Tool design

HONGYI JIG Rapid Technologies Co., Limited is a Hong Kong based company that provides industrial Product design, Reverse Engineering tool design, Rapid Prototyping, Mock ups, Manufacturing of Stamping dies, injection molds, Rubber molds and batch productions. We have a team of skilled and experienced personnel.

Hongyi JIG is a combine effort of experienced engineers and professionals to provide a total product development life cycle solution. Hongyi JIG has a strong presence with experienced team leader in Hong Kong, India, North America, United Kingdom and Germany. We have a powerful edge to project management, which complies the total Product development from design to production in a way that serves the excellent result with powerful communication with client and executing team. In Hongyi term we call “Art to Part”. Our team has a strong communication with our customer to have transparent understanding to their expectations to end product.

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Hongyi JIG Rapid Technologies
B-163, Karam Pura,
New Delhi 110015
Tel: +91-8882912345
URL: www.hongyijig.com

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