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Dutta and Dasgupta

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Press Tools, Ethernet Metal Cases And Jigs & Fixtures

Dutta and Dasgupta
Dutta and Dasgupta

Press Tools

A small business engineering concern with expertise in manufacturing precision products for high volume production lines and inspection rooms. Double Dee specializes in custom solutions for specific customer needs.

Supported by a complete conventional tool room and a host of CNC based equipment Double Dee caters to automotive, home appliances, electronic, light engineering and process industries in providing jigs & fixtures and precision press tools. The press room has a capacity to undertake work upto 400 Tons both mechanical and hydraulic.

The latest offering from the Double Dee precision workshop are Ethernet Metal Cases being specifically made for overseas buyers in shapes and colors of choice. In addition Double Dee has successfully installed unique Lightweight Conveyors for assembly lines of electronic industries.

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Dutta and Dasgupta
P-744, A-Block, Lake Town
Calcutta - 700089,
Tel: +91-33-2521 9285
URL: www.duttadasgupta.com

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