Company : Wesma Rubber Products Sdn. Bhd

Category : Rubber and Rubber Components

Key Products : joint rings, Vibration Mountings

Wesma rubber products Sdn Bhd was established in the year 1981 and manufactures excellent rubber products. The company since then through its continuous efforts in technical development has been able to acquire ISO 9001 certificate in 2000and ISO 14001 certification in 2004. The company manufactures various rubber products namely joint rings, vibration mountings, leg-base, grommets diaphragm, rubber hoses and many other such products.

Grommets Diaphragm

Wesma uses different grades of rubber to manufacture grommets diaphragm. Salient features of Wesma grommets diaphragms is its dimensional accuracy, close manufacturing tolerance and durability.

Rubber Hoses

Wesma manufactures rubber hoses designed for high tolerance. Superior quality rubber material is used to manufacture rubber hoses. Strict quality standards are maintained in manufacturing these rubber hoses. The company also has a team of qualified quality experts to ensure that established standards are maintained with rubber hoses. The company has latest equipments facility available for rubber hoses. The rubber hoses manufactures provide error free service. Durability and tolerance are also ensured with these rubber hoses. Competitive cost and timely delivery are also guaranteed with rubber hoses.

Vibration Mountings

Wesma rubber is driven to commitment to deliver highest quality vibration mountings. The company manufactured vibration mountings are trusted a lot in the OEM industry. Wesma vibration mountings have extended service life. Error free service is ensured with these vibration mountings. Vibration mountings are manufactured using superior quality rubber material. Engineers and toolmakers involved in the mould designing of vibration mountings are highly qualified. The company is equipped with high tech operation facility to carry out mould designing for vibration mountings.

Leg Base Products

Wesma rubber manufactures leg-bases that are exported globally. These leg-bases are manufactured and supplied to various industries. Excellent quality rubber is used to manufacture these leg-bases. Wesma also manufactures leg base according to specific requirements of clients. Quality testing machines are used to test all the company products including leg-bases. These testing machines ensure error-free service of Wesma products including leg-base. The company also has capabilities to deliver tailored solutions on different rubber products including the likes of leg-base and they are on time and provided at competitive cost.

Joint Rings

Wesma rubber products manufactures excellent rubber products such joint rings. These joint rings are manufactures for original equipment (OEM) manufacturers. The joint rings are manufactured using superior quality rubber material. Customization of joint rings as per customer requirement is also available. Wesma uses natural rubber or synthetic rubber to manufacture joint rings. Materials used in manufacturing joint ring rubber material are silicone, chloroprene, nitrile, EPDM and thermo plastic rubber (TRP). CAD/CAM facilities are made available for designing and manufacturing excellent quality joint rings. The company is also equipped with high tech plant to manufacture these joint rings with CAD/CAM facility.

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