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Category : Production Control Equipment and Testing Systems

Key Products : Horizontal balancing machines, Vibration Monitoring systems

SCHENCK RoTec India Limited (SRIL) was founded in year 1986 under license from Carl SCHENCK AG, Darmstadt, Germany, primarily to focus on the Indian and the Asia-Pacific Market. As a 100% subsidiary of a German based international group, SCHENCK Germany, our contribution to their technical development is significant. This, along with 125 years of quality and innovation in balancing and diagnosis technology of SCHENCK Germany, makes us the Global leader. The Corporate office of SCHENCK RoTec India Limited spans four acres of property consisting of a 22,000 square foot manufacturing and assembly plant and 16,000 square feet of office space for sales, service administration and engineering personnel.  SRIL is backed by six regional sales offices, supported by a complete dealer network throughout India.  SRIL has a work force of approximately 200 employees.


SCHENCK RoTec India Limited is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company accredited by AEAQ-EAQA.



SCHENCK RoTec India Limited is providing Dynamic Balancing Machines, Vibration Monitoring System, DURR Assembly Products, DURR Somac Products & Non-Traditional Services to their Indian clients.  The machines have proved to be a correct equation to the clients who have concerns for good functioning and longer life in manual job or for the mass production utility. The systems have been devised by the consistent hard labor of our academically strong and sound officers. All the components are devised by the long labor of our technical team which is working constantly to produce more user friendly and trust worthy machines.



The company stands on its basic principle of delivering the specific requirement to the client which serves them to the core of satisfaction.  SCHENCK RoTec India Limited manufactures the products to the clients on the basis of their particular need and purpose. To have the idea of the client’s requirement big or small the company conducts the basic industry research covering a lot of parameters and standards. We have hired a bunch of researchers who have immense talent and confidence in what they do. They bring a basic outline of what the industry trend and market requirements are. Then working and clearing the picture few essential data are and features come into focus.









Field Balancing of Wind Turbines – A World’s first



SCHENCK RoTec India Limited achieved a major distinction with balancing of wind turbines of Enercon (India) Ltd. Mumbai. This is the first success story of vibration analysis and field balancing of wind turbine reported anywhere in the world.



RANGE OF OTHER SERVICES provided by SCHENCK RoTec India Limited (SRIL):



  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).
  • Production Support.
  • Spare Parts Support.
  • Repair & Maintenance Calls.
  • Calibration Certification Services.
  • Job Balancing Services.


Horizontal Balancing Machine

Horizontal dynamic balancing machines are premium quality machines equipped with micro processor controlled instrument (CAB) that simplifies the process and offers new possibilities for accurate balancing.

Vertical Balancing Machine

SCHENCK’s vertical axis balancing machines with their wide range of applications are designed based on experience, constant research and development and end-user feedback. These balancing machines are produced in series. Only the clamping adapter, the unbalance correction unit and the measuring instrumentation require adaptation to the balancing problem concerned.

Balancing Machines for Special Purposes

Some applications of these machines are in automobile industry, automotive supply industry, fractional horse power industry, tire mounting etc.  Some of them are:


  • Tire mounting, inflation and balancing machines for wheel production Iines (BERBLR).
  • Mass centering machines for crank shaft (KBRZ).
  • Balancing machines for Crankshaft (WBRK / SBRK) and Propeller Shafts (RBRQ).


Vibration Monitoring Systems

Permanently installed Vibrocontrol-1000 ensures protection through immediate detection. It monitors absolute bearing vibration using velocity transducers which represent a reliable criterion for the vibratory behavior of a machine with ball or roller bearings. It minimizes maintenance cost by recognizing the functional irregularity of the machine before damage and by increasing the time interval of maintenance.


SCHENCK RoTec India Limited offers this model in several variants to suit the customer's requirement:



  • Vibrocontrol 1000 (Model: CV-110i).
  • Vibrocontrol 1000 (Model: CV-110mi).
  • Vibrocontrol 1000 (Model: CV-111).
  • VC 1000/VM2 (in cabinet).


DURR Assembly Products (DAP)

Laser wheel alignment test stand “x-wheel“ with new measuring  system for vehicle geometry measurements “x-3D profile“.


  • Headlamp aiming system “x-light“ (integrated in x-wheel).
  • Chassis adjustment in overhead conveyor.
  • Test stand for driver assistance systems “x-DASalign”.
  • Multi function rolling road “x-road“ for passenger cars and trucks
  • Comfort test stand (NVH-test stand) rattle machine, driving dynamics etc.


DURR Filling Systems (DSC)

Compact and ProLine filling stations made by Dürr Somac.


Dürr Somac filling equipment is easily extendable for faster cycle times, more models and additional filling and testing processes. Our filling stations convince by easily selectable pre-programmed processes and ergonomic, well balanced and drip free filling adapters. Dürr Somac filling stations are customised to your assembly process requirements with barcode scanner for vehicle identification and type selection and with ticket printer or network connection for the process data collection.


On Site slow speed balancing

A special field for hard bearing balancing machines is the power generation industry. Here different types and sizes of rotors, like large turbines and generators, have to be repaired at the site, i.e. power station. In order to supplement the need of its own balancing machine, SCHENCK pioneered design of Transportable Balancing Machine.


SCHENCK RoTec India Limited has built model H100-T transportable balancing can be pressed into service at sites whenever there is a demand. This can take all Steam Turbine, Generator and Gas/ Hydro Turbine rotors up to 100 tonnes weight, and will be the largest mobile balancing machine capable of balancing all rotors in India. The transportable machine is expected to be ready by June 2012 and can resolve rotor dynamic balancing problems of Industrial and Power Turbines (including large 660MW supercritical turbines LP rotors weighing up to 97 tonnes), Gas & Hydro turbines and Generators.


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