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Category : Engines and Engine Components

Key Products : Injection Moulded Plastic Parts, Engine valves

Varroc Engineering specialises in developing automotive products and setting up sub-assemblies for the automobile, consumer durable and white goods industries. The group comprises of three divisions:


  • Polymer Division (Chemical Division)
  • Electrical Division
  • Engineering Division (Metallic Division)



The company manufactures and supplies injection moulded components, injection and compression moulded automotive rubber products, PU foam, seat assemblies, rear view mirrors, CDI, regular rectifiers, starter and wiper motors, head lamps, tail lamps, blinkers, IC engine valves, crank pins, cold and warm forged components and catalytic converters.



Varroc Engineering is equipped with state-of-the-art tool room equipment that includes CAD / CAM, CNC milling and spark erosion facilities. Varroc Engineering adopts advanced technology, scientific management techniques and quality control systems that conform to international standards.






The company manufactures high quality automotive auto electrical ignition system products. The product range includes AC generators, Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI), regulators, starter motors, wiper motors, headlamps, tail lamps, blinkers, switches, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and body part motors including sun screen motors and power window motors.






The engineering division manufactures and exports precision engineering products for the automobile industry as per customer specifications.






The company manufactures a wide range of crank pins for various models of motorcycles. The crankpins have a diameter range of 16.0mm to 50.0mm and length of 30.0mm to 55.0mm. The crankpins are made of SCM 420 H, SCM 415 and 16 Mn Cr 5 materials.


Engine Valves

The company manufactures a wide range of engine valves in technical collaboration with Scarpa & Colombo Srl, Italy. Engine valves manufactured by Varroc Engineering are made of high quality alloy steel that include austenitic steel, martensitic steel, bimetal and super alloys. The engine valves are available with a stem diameter range of 4.0mm to 12.0mm and head diameter of 12.0mm to 55.0mm.

Cold & Warm Forging Components

Varroc Engineering produces cold and warm forged components that include gear warm forging components, shaft cold forging components, warm forged parts, transmission parts, and gear cold and warm forged components.


The cold forged shaft components are made of low carbon steel materials. Cold forged shaft components have a maximum spline diameter of 25mm, a maximum length of 185mm and a maximum weight of 700g.



The gear blanks are made of 100% low carbon steel. The cold forging gear blanks have a diameter of 75mm and weigh up to 860g. The warm forging gear blanks have a maximum diameter of 50mm and a maximum weight of 380g.



Varroc Engineering offers a wide range of motors up to 1.2kW that include starter motors with yoke diameter range of 50mm to 76mm and wiper motors with yoke diameters of 40mm and 46mm.

Injection Moulded Plastic Parts

The company manufactures a wide range of injection moulded plastic parts for the automobile industry that include fenders, side covers, radiator tanks, dash boards, vehicle interiors, door trims, interior and exterior trims and under body parts.


Varroc Engineering develops multi-layer extruded plastic sheets ranging from 500mm to 1,200mm and a thickness of 1.0mm to 5.0mm for consumer durables, automobiles, chemical and other industries.



The company manufactures and supplies injection and compression moulded automotive and allied rubber components that include dust covers, bellows and boots, suspension bushes and hoses. Varroc Engineering specialises in manufacturing PU foam moulding products that include seats for two, three and four wheelers. The company manufactures 1.2 million air cleaner assemblies a year for 100cc to 180cc motorcycles and rear view mirrors.



Varroc Engineering also manufactures gas injection moulded parts, rubber to metal bonded components, seat cushions, radiator grills, bumpers, door panels, interior and exterior trims, under hood parts and plastic moulding tools.


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