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Menon Pistons Ltd (MPL) is one of the leading manufacturers of critical automotive components and accessories for the automotive industry.


Incorporated in 1971, MPL specialises in the manufacture of high-quality components like aluminium alloy pistons, gudgeon pins and piston rings for passenger cars, heavy and light commercial vehicles, and heavy-duty diesel engines for power generation and earthmovers.






MPL manufactures a wide variety of high-precision pistons that include austenitic alfin pistons with single ring carrier and dual ring carrier pistons, auto-thermic pistons and articulated pistons. MPL provides special features like trumpet bores, tapered bores and oval bores for high-powered engine pistons that possess high fatigue strength, longer life and optimum fuel and oil consumption levels.






Our facilities for the manufacture of high-precision pistons include a variety of CNC machines for generation of complicated combustion cavities for eco-friendly new generation engines and computer controlled piston profile generation machines to obtain closely controlled profile and geometry on the piston skirt for efficient fuel control and reliable life. The facilities are supplemented by sophisticated quality control equipment such as ultrasonic bond checking equipment, Talyrond / Contourograph and a well-equipped laboratory for the material checks.






Menon Pistons Ltd is a part of the $70 million Menon Group and is one of India's largest original equipment suppliers. MPL has three manufacturing plants located in and around Kolhapur, and manufactures 2.4 million aluminium alloy pistons a month with diameters ranging from 55mm to 205mm and weights ranging from 75g to 7.5kg.



Our OEM clientele include TATA Motors, Cummins India, Mahindra, Maruti-Suzuki, Kirloskar, Eicher Tractors, BEML-Komatsu, SAME, NEW Holland, Greaves and Ford.



MPL Exports about 25% of its products to 24 countries throughout the world including the USA, Latin America, the UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Israel, Singapore, Iran, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.



The company was awarded ISO 9002 certification by BVQI, UK in 1994, QS 9000 certification by TUV in 1998 and has acquired ISO/TS 16949: 2000 certification from TUV IN 2005. MPL is working towards ISO:14001 certification for environmental management systems.


Engine alloy pistons

The company specialises in the manufacture of the wide range of pistons for Cummins KV series engines with the following special features:


  • Double ring carrier (dual ni-resist) to reduce the wear in the first and second grooves of the piston and increase the piston life
  • Hard anodising on the crown (protection at higher temperatures is achieved through hard anodising on the combustion bowl and crown surface)
  • Oval bore in pin hole (pin bore is given an oval to allow refluxing for gudgeon pin during the power stroke)
  • Skirt phosphated and graphite coated
  • Slipper design for effective oil drain


Pistons for light commercial vehicle engines

MPL offers a wide range of aluminium alloy pistons for light commercial vehicle engines and the most popular among them being (TATA 4SP TC EURO II) which is regarded as the most fuel-efficient direct injection engine in its class.


These pistons feature ring carriers with optimally-designed slipper skirts for effective oil drain with skirt graphite coated and optimised weight for reduced friction and extended warranty due to its reliability.


Tractor engine pistons

The company manufactures pistons for all tractor applications including SAME DEUTZ FAHR (105mm), Escorts Farm Trac (from 91mm to 111mm dia) and Ford New Holland. These pistons feature:


  • Ring carrier
  • Slipper design for effective oil drain
  • Skirt graphite coated


Passenger vehicle engine pistons

The passenger vehicle engine pistons are meant for Maruti-Suzuki, Swift and other passenger vehicles with nominal diameters of 74mm. Its features include cast valve pockets, and it is lightweight and environmentally friendly.

Pistons for motorcycle engines

A wide range of pistons for various models of four-stroke motorcycle engines are manufactured in the diameter range of 51mm to 57mm.

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