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Warade Automation Solutions, helps manufacturers succeed and grow with industrial automation solutions and services designed to give the customers a competitive advantage. From stand-alone, industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems, Warade Automation Solutions provides it all. At Warade Automation Solutions, they have fine tuned the practical approach of conceptualization through the responsibility of design to Bill to print – to production solutions for end customers. While providing solutions, The Company analyzes and measures Risk Assessment, Design Failure Mode Analysis, Critical Area Identification and Cost to Solution Ratios to drive optimization, foolproof solutions, cost effective projects and to complete within timeframe. Warade Automation is highly experienced in complex project management, technical expertise, and project data management.


Assembly Line Machines



Material Handling Conveyors



Roller Chain Conveyor, Power & Free Roller Conveyor (Chain & Gear Drive), Slat Conveyor (Indexing & Continuous Moving Type), Turn Table, Turn Over Device, Lifter Devices, Shuttle Devices.


Gantry Robotics

Gantry is ideal for complex material handling applications. This module can be used to minimize the floor space of an automated system. Applications of the gantry module are material handling of several conveyance systems. Gantry module creates highly flexible manufacturing solutions. Gantry or Material handling automation improves the efficiency of manufacturing processes. Automation exceeds human limitations of speed, reliability, and strength. Solutions can use multiple part grippers and are ideal for handling large or unusual part shapes.


Applications include



  • Loading monorail conveyor
  • Part assembly
  • Part transfer
  • Part inspection
  • Dual or multiple part grippers and pneumatic suction cups
  • Handling large, bulky products or parts
  • Handling/palletizing of unusual shapes or difficult to handle loads
  • Manufacturing line automation
  • Interface with buffer conveyor and other device


Leak Test Machine

Low pressure, High pressure and Vacuum Leak Test Machine with System Calibration Facility. Self Validation for Leak Test Instrumentation, Temperature Compensation, Test Pressure - 650 mm.hg ( vacuum) up to 200 Bar, Displays All Leak Process Parameter for Reference, Recipe Control and Selection of Different Product Variants, Multi Level Password Protection.


Dispensing Machine comes with Liquid gasket applicator, Manual engine loading. It has Operator safety, Circular interpolation, Robot Integration, Two axis controller, multiple dispensing profile selection as per engine block.


Piston Assembly Line

Piston Assembly Line are for Two wheeler piston and three wheeler piston ring assembly, Bottom and top Piston ring, scrap ring assembly. It has Manual loading of piston, Optimized cycle time, Settable and control as per recipe, Automatic piston sensing.


Some of the features of Marking Machine are - Caliper Residual torquing machine, Caliper loading and unloading manual , Caliper bracket torquing on machine, High precession rotor spindle and drive arrangement, Inline torque measurement, Residual torque result judgment for result ok and not-ok, Online marking machine. Dot matrix , batch code ,real time controller.



Some of the features of Camera Inspection machine are - Two wheeler break assembly, Hydraulic brake assembly, Cylinder & piston assembly, Automatic Primary seal and secondary seal assembly, Piston assembly inspection by camera, Reverse seal fitment inspection, Piston inspection, Seal damage inspection.



Flat Belt Conveyor / Weighing Conveyors, Buffer Conveyor / Crescent Top Conveyor, Free & Powerized Roller Conveyor, Rubber Cord Conveyors, Flat Link Belt Conveyors, Plastic link modular Conveyor, Bucket Conveyors, Chain Conveyors.

Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor are used in various industries like - Electric industries, Appliances industries, for cost effective solutions, Pallet handling and work carrier pallet lifter, Light weight compound assembly line, Winding machine loader.

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