Company : Yeshshree Group of Companies

Category : Body / Chassis and Components

Key Products : Cold Forging, Steel Kitchen Sink

Yeshshree is a leading group of companies engaged in manufacturing original equipment for leading automobile manufacturers in India. Established in 1995, we now have over six manufacturing locations in India. We are ISO 9001:2002 certified and in the near future we hope to secure ISO/TS: 16949 certification.


Our core strength lies in our manufacturing expertise, with strong support from design and development, tool room, surface treatment and heat treatment. We have presses ranging from 20t to 600t, knuckle joint presses and welding machines including MIG, TIG, CO2 welding, SPM welding, CNC pipe bending and a vertical machining centre.






We will shortly be introducing a new product - the steel kitchen sink. For the first time, Yeshshree will produce a product intended for use by domestic consumers as well as industries. The product is currently under development and will be launched in the international domestic market.


Major Vehicle Components



  • Fully finished three-wheeler auto-rickshaw body
  • Fully finished three-wheeler goods-carrier tray
  • Fully finished two-wheeler centre stand and side stand
  • Fully finished two-wheeler brake lever
  • Fully finished two-wheeler holder step / footrest
  • Fully finished three and four-wheeler back plate of brake assembly



Our broad product assortment includes: press components, fabricated assemblies and cold forged components.


Press Components

These include four-wheeler, three-wheeler and two-wheeler components of sheet metal, solid bar and tube. Four-wheeler components include critical components like back plates, which fit into the brake assembly of a vehicle.


Three-wheeler components include fully finished assemblies like standard auto-rickshaw bodies, passenger-rickshaw bodies and goods-carrier trays. Yeshshree also manufactures customised rickshaw bodies such as LPG cylinder carriers, grocery shops and bottle carriers. Similarly we manufacture other rickshaw parts including connecting tubes, starting handles, front mudguards, front shoe holding discs and back plates.



Two-wheeler items are centre stands, side stands, brake levers and holder steps / footrests. Brake levers are manufactured from tubes as well as solid bars depending on customer preference. We also supply powder coated / plated components which are ready to assemble.


Cold Forged Components

Cold forging is a recent addition to our manufacturing processes. We specialise in ferrous as well as non-ferrous metallurgy. The basic advantage of cold forging is that it saves money, as there is no material lost during the process. Similarly we can develop 'near net shape' with this technology without any material removal. Cold forging gives excellent surface finish and grain structure with accuracy.


We have developed and supplied cold forged parts to auto-component giants like HTTS and RSB Transmissions Ltd. Our cold forged component list includes bearing cups, bearing races, fastening caps, aluminium cam follower pins, aluminium cam follower levers, aluminium pistons, pole shoes and eye bolts. Other components can also be manufactured as per customer specific requirements.



With emphasis on Total Productivity Management (TPM) and continuous improvement, Yeshshree has carved a niche for itself in a market characterised by extreme pace and cut-throat competition.



We are trusted by leading two and three-wheeler manufacturers such as Bajaj Auto. We also supply to auto-component giants Kanlyani Brakes Ltd. Our ability to ensure timely and uninterrupted supply of products and services of supreme quality has won the confidence of our customers thus giving us the chance to be the single source supplier to these business houses.


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