Company : Polyplastics Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Category : Body / Chassis and Components

Key Products : Emblems, Grills & Garnishes

Polyplastics is a leading Indian company manufacturing Automotive Components and Assemblies for OEM's including Emblems (Electroplated, Painted, Gold Plated & Hot stamped), Automotive Plastic moulded components, Wheel covers & wheel caps, Electroplated & Painted Radiator Grills, Garnishes, Hood Strips, Decorative Body Side moulding, Assembly Control Brackets, Dash Board Components, Auto Electricals Assemblies, Door Handles (Molded, Plated & Painted), Ash Trays, Fuse Box Assemblies, Diesel Water Separator etc.


Polyplastics is a leading Indian company manufacturing all type of Emblems / Nameplates. Polyplastics is pioneer in the core techniques for developing the Emblems / Nameplates by electroplating & painted systems. Polyplastics emblems & nameplates have met the standards of Ford, Toyota & General Motors so well that they have selected us for global sourcing. The range of Emblems / Nameplates includes Electroplated, Gold Plated, Vacuum Metalized, Painted & Hot Stamped emblems.

Polyplastics is the only supplier of emblems to the entire Indian Automotive Industry having major market share. Polyplastics is producing about 400,000 emblems every month.

Grills & Garnishes

Polyplastics offers a superior & wide range of Grills & Garnishes to its customers. The range of Grills & Garnishes includes Electroplated Grills, Painted Grills, Electroplated + Painted Radiator Grills, Hood strip & License Plate Garnishes, Electroplated Garnishes, Painted Garnishes, Electroplated Painted Garnishes etc. The company can customise these Grills & Garnishes as per customer requirements.

Body Side Moldings

Polyplastics offers a wide range of Body Side Moldings in technical collaboration with Sakae Riken Kogyo Co. Ltd., a renowned Japanese company. Polyplastics manufactures chromium and aluminium laminated bright bumper moldings and body side protective moldings using continuous extrusion and lamination techniques. The range includes Decorative extruded & Molded Door Moldings, Bright Bumper Moldings, Electroplated / Body Color Moldings, Body Side Moldings, Injection Moldings. Polyplastics can customise these Body Side Moldings as per the specifications of the clients.

Wheel Covers & Center Caps

Polyplastics have adopted the emblem manufacturing techniques for the production of Wheel Covers & Center Caps which serve both functional and ornamental needs, combining aesthetics, function and pull out force specifications of OEMs. Polyplastics has developed wheel covers by successfully painting Nylon, ABS and PPO resins that offer superb shock, heat and scratch resistance. Polyplastics has also developed unique painting formulations and techniques to give a brilliant surface. The range of Wheel Covers & Center Caps includes Full wheel covers, half wheel covers & Hub Caps.

Polyplastics has a technical agreement with Zanini Auto Group - Spain, the biggest supplier of wheel covers to OEMs in Europe, for the supply of wheel covers in South East Asia. Polyplastics has design to manufacture capabilities for Wheel Covers & Center Caps.

Door Handles & Ash Trays

Polyplastics offers a wide range of Door Handles & Ash Trays to its customers. The wide range of Door Handles & Ash Trays includes Ash Trays, Control Brackets, Dash Board Components, Air Vent Assemblies, Fan Shrouds, Fuse boxes, Door handles (Plated/Painted), Window Regulators, Expansion Tanks. The company can customise these Door Handles & Ash Trays as per the specific requirements of the clients.

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