Company : JBM Group

Category : Body / Chassis and Components

Key Products : Waste Management Services, Exhaust systems

The Rs. 3000 Crore (USD 540 million) JBM Group is a conglomerate which started its journey with one manufacturing unit in 1983 now has 28 multifaceted plants situated in 11 prime locations producing LPG Cylinders, shaped blanks, Sheet Metal Parts, Skin Panels, Welded Assemblies, Press Tools, Jigs and Fixtures, Exhaust Systems, High tensile steel fasteners, Fuel Neck Fillers, Wheel assemblies, Four Wheeler axles, ERW steel tubes and tubular parts, Tailor Welded Blanks, Environment and waste management products and services. JBM group have a dedicated facility for producing the special purpose vehicles which include tippers, trailers, compactors, refrigerated vans, dumper and other earth moving vehicles. The other specialized products include doors for railways and Multi Level Car Parking Systems. Continuous diversification has brought Waste Management Services, Design Education and Engineering & Design Services under the umbrella of JBM Group which is on path breaking march to achieve new highs of excellence and expertise. Some of the main category products and services are:


Shaped and tailored blanks



JBM group is the world leader in manufacturing shaped and tailored blanks. Shaped and tailored blanks are used for all kinds of grades and coatings. Shaped and tailored blanks have the ability to weld multi-linear welds (v-shaped seams).



Engineering & design services



JBM provides with engineering and design services for manufacturing of parts of vehicles. These engineering and design services are in accordance with the adoption of new technology.


Waste Management Services

JBM Group provides different kinds of waste management services. Waste management services are provided for Collection from Door to Door and moving to Collection Centers. Waste management services are also provided for Transportation of waste from Collection Centers to Landfill. Waste management services are provided for Segregation & recycling of the waste. Landfill management also comes under waste management services. Waste management services means managing the waste “(*compositing/ electricity production etc.) waste management services of JBM Group also includes handling and management of hazardous waste. Street sweeping and lawn mowing also comes under waste managements services of JBM Group.

Special Purpose Vehicles

Special purposes Vehicles are the customized vehicles, which are made as per Clients requirement. Special Purpose vehicles are basically structures and bodies that are built by fabricating Steel sheets or Tubes together to produce Semi Knock Down (SKD’s) & Complete Knock down (CKD’s) kits. Special purpose vehicles are further assembled with axles, Tires and other accessories or mounted on specific chassis, followed by painting. JBM Group have dedicated facility for producing the special purpose vehicles which include tippers, tailors, compactors, refrigerated van, dumper and other earth moving vehicle.

Exhaust Systems

JBM Provides exhaust systems with ultra modern facility. These exhaust systems have a capacity of manufacturing 2500 mufflers/ day. The exhaust systems include robotic welding and heat resistance painting. JBM groups exhaust systems manufacturing unit is into manufacturing of motorcycle exhaust systems, trucks exhaust systems, two-stroke engine systems exhaust systems, ship’s or boat’s engine’s exhaust system, and outboard motors exhaust systems.

Sheet Metal Components

JBM Group’s sheet metal components include components for car, tractor and truck industry. Sheet metal components include BIW parts. Sub-assemblies for cars also come under sheet metal components of JBM Group. Skin panels and axles for tractors are some of the sheet metal components. Sheet metal components for trucks include body components, bumpers, axles and suspension components. Sheet metal components are exported to various truck manufacturers in Europe. Keeping in view the growth opportunities, JBM is going for expansion of putting up a projects for sheet metal components at Noida, and expansion of its existing facilities of sheet metal components at Faridabad by adding sophisticated machinery and equipment, by latest technology. JB also decided to go for expansion of sheet metal components manufacturing unit at Nasik.

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