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Key Products : Pillarless Containers, Steering Mounting Bracket, Tubular Batteries

Chaphekar Engineering is a million dollar engineering company providing services to wide range of industries in India. Chaphekar Engineering is an ISO/TS 16949 certified company, well known for manufacturing of Cargo bodies for Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Truck Applications, Sheet Metal Components and Precision Tools and Dies. Since its foundation in 1958,   Chaphekar Engineering has gone a long way from being a one-man press shop to a well equipped manufacturing plant.

Solar Tubular Batteries:

Proactive Solar Tubular batteries are offered for renewable energy requirements.

These batteries are designed to withstand for deep cycle applications. These are reliable, consistent and low maintenance batteries.

Applications of Solar Tubular batteries:

  • Solar Street lighting system
  • Solar Home lighting
  • Solar Power projects
  • Telecom Projects
  • Solar Inverter


Refrigerated Van

Chaphekar Engineering provides insulated/refrigerated vans to cater to the varied requirements of customers.


Feature of Refer Van:



  • To prevent corrosion, refrigerated vans basic steel structure is treated for anti corrosion with either required aluminum panels/ GP panels as per choice internally or externally.
  • Refrigerated vans have 80 to 120 mm thick PUF insulation on all sides as per required temperature control, which have puff insulation density between 37 / 40 kg per cu meter.
  • Refrigerator vans have floor top covered with aluminium checkered plate and 12mm plywood over the insulation while bottom of the floor is covered either with the SS panel or aluminium panel.
  • For safety, Refrigerator Van have 270 degree opening 2 leaf-type rear doors with plated hinges and better ceiling with rubber beading and container type locking system.
  • Refrigerated unit installation will be carried out as per requirement.
  • Electricals and other fitments as per CMVR safety rules are available in Refrigerator van.


Load Body

Among the trucks category,  Chaphekar  Engineering is one of the largest manufacture of load bodies in automotive industry Chaphekar engineering is one of the biggest suppliers of load bodies to Tata Motors Ltd. for the past 30 years.


Features of Load Body:



  • Chaphekar engineering supplies 1000 bodies per month on an average.
  • Load bodies are available in 60 different varieties.
  • Only supplier of load bodies in metallic colours.
  • Manufacture trucks in varied categories such as pick-up trucks, LCVs and MCVs.


Pillarless Containers

Chaphekar engineering is sole supplier of containers to Tata Motors for their export requirement.


Features of Pillarless Containers:



  • Chaphekar Engineering’s pillarless containers are manufactured using MS corrugated panels which are produced from one piece with closed rolled CR sheets in vertical position with minimum joints.
  • In  Chaphekar pillarless container roof is prevented from sagging with the help of special folded section, which keeps the roof in rigid position.
  •  To increase the lifespan and appeal of the containers, Chaphekar Engineering uses high quality paint and pretreatment process for painting.
  • Chaphekar Engineering has solved the problem of water clogging by giving slight slope to the roof of the pillarless containers.
  • Chaphekar Engineering’s containers are well-ventilated and leak proof.
  • To make the loading and unloading of cargo easy and simultaneously from both sides, the container has side doors without pillars on both sides.
  • Pillarless Container has the necessary provision for the driver’s baggage and toolbox.
  • To make loading and unloading easy, and to create space for the forklift to move easily around the container, the hinges are made in such a way that they rotate the door at 180 degree and 270 degree.


Steering Mounting Bracket

Steering mounting bracket manufactured by  Chaphekar Engineering is of high quality. Steering mounting bracket is available at reasonable prices and the delivery of the products is always on time. Chaphekar engineering’s name itself provides quality assurance.

Tubular Batteries

Proactive Tubular Batteries are offered for backup applications.


These are designed with following technical parameters. 



  • Batteries are designed to withstand frequent and long power cuts.
  • Low antimony selenium lead alloy used to reduce topping up frequency.
  • BAFOS software is used for initial charging log monitoring.
  • Polyester filament and spun yarn combination tubular bag is used for high bursting strength and electrical resistivity.
  • Extra thick tubular plates are used as per Proactive design.
  • PE separators with diagonal rib are used to avoid cell shorting.
  • Micro porous ceramic vent along with sealed float plugs are used to reduce topping up frequency.
  • All testing standards are as per IS 13369-1992



Applications of Tubular Batteries :



  • Inverter
  • UPS
  • Lift
  • Applications where back up is necessary.


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