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Category : Automotive Accessories

Key Products : Brass Forging & Machining, Metal & Copper Stamping, Valve Accessories

TSM Forging & Machining Sdn Bhd is an established and reputed manufacturer and supplier of various products related to (OEM) industry.  It specializes in manufacturing and supplying superior quality products like brass forging & machining, metal & copper stamping, valve accessories, gas valve and cylinder valve. The company has earned itself certifications from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (Environment Management System) in the year 2006. TSM has also been awarded with Best Quality Supplier from Panasonic Group for Quality Excellence.

Brass Forging & Machining

TSM forging is a specialist in brass forging & machining parts. The company has been designing quality brass forging & machining parts for national and international OEM market. The company also manufactures custom made brass forging & machining parts. Superior quality raw material is used for making brass forging & machining parts. These brass forging and machining parts are exported to the industry leaders around the world. Rigorous quality checks are done on brass forging & machining parts to ensure the company’s commitment to quality. Apart from brass forging & machining, TSM also undertakes spot welding, aluminum casting and other engineering works.  Brass forging & machining parts order are delivered on time. The excellence that TSM has maintained in brass forging & machining parts and other product has led Matsushita Group to award it for quality excellence.

Metal & Copper Stamping

The company also specializes in metal & copper stamping products. Metal & copper stamping products are made using high speed presses and latest machinery. Superior quality precision stamping machines and technology is used to manufacture metal & copper stamping products. Qualified and trained technicians undertake metal & copper stamping procedure. Rigorous quality checks are done on metal and copper stamping products. TSM manufactures metal & copper stamping products that are error free. The company takes bulk orders for metal & copper stamping parts. Timely delivery is ensured for metal & copper stamping parts. TSM manufactured metal & copper stamping products are competitively priced.

Valve Accessories

Valve accessories from TSM are renowned for their superior quality. The company manufactures valve accessories for water, oil and gas industries. High quality standards are maintained in manufacturing valve accessories. These valve accessories meet national safety standards (SIRIM). High pressure testing ensures high performance from these valve accessories.  TSM valve accessories are supplied to major OEM markets and replacement markets.

Gas Valve

The company also manufactures excellent quality gas valves. These gas valves are used by the leaders in oil and gas industry.  Different variety of gas valves are made to cater different needs. These gas valves are designed for durability. Excellent quality raw materials are used to manufacture them. Gas valves from TSM are known to provide service under all conditions. Fast and accurate fuel control is ensured with TSM gas valves. The company also manufactures LPG gas valves. Strict quality control measures are undertaken in manufacturing these gas valves.

Cylinder Valve

Cylinder valves that the company manufactures meet the national safety standard (SIRIM). All cylinder valves manufactured go through high pressure testing. The strict quality check ensures the most reliable cylinder valves from TSM. These cylinder valves are widely used in the GPG gas. TSM manufactures cylinder valves which are high on performance and extremely durable. Apart from cylinder valves, the company also supplies nuts for air-conditioners, spot welding machines, jigs, fixtures and custom made engineering parts.

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