Company : Netplast Limited

Category : Automotive Accessories

Key Products : Injection Moulding Machines, Seating Systems, Bus Lights and Parts

Netplast Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive parts for OEMs. Product line of the company includes Injection Moulded Components, PU moulded parts, complete seating systems, head lights, rear view mirrors, bus lights and parts, mascots and logos. The company strives to achieve continuous improvement in its operations, for which, it has obtained ISO: 9002, QS: 9000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 certifications. Netplast has won the Best Vendor Awards from several customers including Quality Awards as well as National Award for SSI. Netplast is resolute in its commitment towards esteemed customers to provide superior quality product at competitive cost.

Injection Moulded Components

Netplast is equipped with a specialized unit to manufacture injection moulded components and assemblies in plastics and EPDM. The company uses microprocessor based injection moulding machines to manufacture injection moulded components and assemblies. A high tech plant with tool room supporting CAD / CAM, designing, CNC machining, spark - erosion, lathe M/C, and milling M/C facilities is dedicated for developing high quality injection moulded components and assemblies. The company engages experts and qualified engineers to design and manufacture injection moulded components and assemblies. Netplast sources high quality raw materials for making injection moulded components and assemblies. QMS is followed in all operations including injection moulded components and assemblies.

PU Moulded Components

Netplast excels in delivering PU moulded components including seat foams for 2-Wheelers, 3-Wheelers and commercial vehicle for OEM Auto Customers. PU moulded components undergo in-house testing to bring about superior quality yield. Testing facilities for hardness testing, resilience test, tensile testing and % elongation etc managed by qualified and experienced engineers are used for producing PU moulded components. IS:15061 standards are followed for producing PU moulded components, which also undergo flammability test by ARAI. Soft-solid PU moulded components are produced for overseas customers using latest PU moulding technologies used for four wheelers.

Automotive Seating Systems

Netplast supplies finest quality seating systems for 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, driver and co-driver seats for commercial vehicles. The seating systems are specially designed for commercial vehicles and bus seats. Seating systems manufactured by Netplast are supplied to domestic and international markets. The company has tubular fabrication, sheet metal fabrication & seat assembly sections equipped with the latest machines and technology to deliver comfortable seating systems. The trims used in seats are stitched and manufactured in-house to support the seat assembly section.

Bus Lights Parts & Rear View Mirrors

Bus lights and parts manufactured are supplied to OEM approved bus body builders. In-house testing for functioning and endurance are undertaken for the bus lights and parts produced.


Rear View Mirrors



Netplast produces high quality; ARAI approved rear view mirrors used in 2-wheelers and 3 wheelers. Rear view mirrors are manufactured with lacquering facility and latest metalizing machines. State-of-art methods and innovative technology is followed for producing rear view mirrors. Complete assembly of rear view mirrors is carried out in dustproof assembly shop. In addition to rear view mirrors, Netplast also manufactures head lights and blinkers. Parts manufactured undergo endurance test, vibration test, and photometric test in a fully equipped laboratory.


Mascots & Logos

Electroplated and non-electroplated mascots and logos of several types are manufactured by Netplast. These mascot and logo are supplied to reputed OEM auto customer. An automatic plant equipped with closed loop system is used for electroplating mascots and logo. This enables in numerically controlling the coating thickness. Stringent tests are conducted to ensure quality and electroplating of mascots and logo.

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