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Category : Automotive Accessories

Key Products : SG Iron & Aluminum Castings, Cylinder Blocks

Hinduja Foundries, a part of the $12 billion Hinduja Group is one of the earliest jobbing foundries established in independent India (in 1961). Hinduja Foundries (formerly Ennore Foundries) has been partnering the Indian auto industry during the past five decades of growth.

SG Iron & Aluminum Castings

We are Manufacturing & Supplying SG Iron & Aluminum Castings of 2 – 16 Kgs weight like Manifolds; Gear Boxes. We offer a range of SG Iron & Aluminum Castings products using pressure die casting & gravity process. SG Iron & Aluminum Castings are used for manufacturing gates, fence, and windows. We have many designs in SG Iron & Aluminum Castings such as bird, lion, flower etc. ISO9001:2000, ASTM, AISI, SUS, SCS, DIN, EN etc are the standards maintained in our SG Iron & Aluminum Castings. The inner and outside package in SG Iron & Aluminum Castings is done as per customer's requirements. The Surface treatment used in SG Iron & Aluminum Castings is polishing, passivation etc.

Cylinder Blocks

The Cylinder Block is a machined casting (or sometimes an assembly of modules) containing cylindrically bored holes .Cylinder Blocks are usually made from cast iron or, in modern engines, Aluminium and SG Iron & Aluminum Castings . Cylinder Block features removable cylinder bores which fit into the block by means of special gaskets .We Manufacture 3 bore & 4 bore Cylinder Blocks, Weighing from 23 to 35 Kgs. We also Manufacture 3 bore, 4 bore & 6 Bore Cylinder Blocks, Weighing from 50 to 220 Kgs for Commercial Vehicles. Easy replacement is an added advantage in our Cylinder Block. There are Small Cylinder Block and Big Cylinder Block engines. By installing Cylinder Block made up of Aluminium saves weight and fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Transmission Case Housings

Our Transmission Case Housings are used for housing for auto parts, farming machinery and engineering machinery. A Transmission Case Housings is a transmission mechanism for transmitting power to dirigible wheels. The axle case present in the Transmission Case Housings is bisected into a first case half and a second case half) at a split plane parallel to a direction of extension of the transmission mechanism. The first case half and second case half in the Transmission Case Housings are connected by connecting bolt. Transmission Case Housings has bearings. Each pivoting case in the Transmission Case Housings is attached to the bearings to be pivotable relative to the vertical boss. Transmission Case Housings have a dash-mounted selector switch or buttons with front sealed automatic locking axle hubs.

Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Aluminum Cylinder Heads are mainly used in general gasoline engines. Aluminum Cylinder Heads are made up of Aluminium. The die casting packaging for Aluminum Cylinder Heads is done according to the customer’s requirements. Good quality is main feature of our Aluminum Cylinder Heads. Our Aluminum Cylinder Heads are available at Competitive prices. Aluminum Cylinder Heads are used in Automobiles, Trucks and Motorbikes. We Manufacture 3 bore & 4 bore Aluminum Cylinder Heads, weighing from 5 to 12 Kgs. Good after- sale service is an added advantage by using our Aluminium Cylinder Heads. Aluminum Cylinder Heads are also suitable for construction and instrumentation industry. Prompt delivery is present for our Aluminum Cylinder Heads.

Aluminum Manifolds

Aluminum Manifolds are constructed from extruded material, machined, and then anodized for corrosion protection. Many Aluminum Manifolds sizes are stocked. Green, black, clear and gold anodized Aluminum Manifolds are available. Aluminum Manifolds are equipped with dovetail locking channels. Aluminum Manifolds are also equipped with screws for ease in pairing and installation. Aluminum Manifolds manufactured by us lightweight with long-lasting durability. Aluminum Manifolds protects the manifolds from corrosion. Aluminum Manifolds provide connection flexibility. Aluminum Manifolds are manufactured according to customer’s requirements.

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