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Suresoft Technologies, Inc. introduces Fault Injection Tester at Automotive Testing Expo 2015 North America

Thursday, Oct 15, 2015

Suresoft Technologies, Inc., an automotive software industry innovator, has developed its proprietary Fault Injection Tester, specifically to address defective or inadequate software for the automotive industry.

The Fault Injection Tester is Suresoft Technologies, Inc.'s newest testing tool that can be used to verify the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) software by injecting the faulty operation into the ECU directly. The tool can terminate one of the tasks in the ECU and monitor what happens in the software. This means that the tool verifies whether the fail recovery process can be operated properly when any important tasks in the ECU are killed. In addition, the tool supports monitoring the changes in the selected control variables in the ECU.

With the Fault Injection Tester, software engineers can not only shorten the testing lead effort up to 90% for verification of ECU from traditional manual tests (10 man-month in manual test, 1 man-month with Fault Injection Tester), but also extend their test coverage of the ECU with analysis from the following:

  • •    Stack over flow in the memory of ECU
  • •    Abnormal task scheduling for ECU operation

The ISO 26262, Road Vehicles – Functional Safety, describes the concerns for functional safety during the process of development, especially requiring several kinds of testing methods as the fundamental activities in order for automakers to get the certification of ISO 26262. The fault injection test is also one of the requirements from the standard to verify the vehicle part’s safety. Through the fault injection testing tool, automakers will be able to identify and diagnose defective software.

Michael Barr, automotive industry software consultant with the Barr Group, announced in his report about Unintended Acceleration that after extensive inspection of the source code of the Electronic Throttle Control System (ETCS), “The manufacturer’s ETCS source code was of unreasonable quality, their fail safes were defective and inadequate and misbehaviors of manufacturer’s ETCS were the cause of unintended acceleration.” He emphasized the importance of vehicular software and stressed the value of software verification, such as fault injection tests, before releasing it in the market. Toyota’s 2009-2010 unintended acceleration recalls caused the loss of market share and profit. Under the circumstance of connected cars, demand for safety is increasing more than ever before. Automotive industry should seek the prevention in advance

Suresoft Technologies, Inc. is exhibiting at Automotive Testing Expo 2015 North America in Novi, MI from October 20~22, 2015 with the Fault Injection Tester. To learn more about Suresoft Technologies, Inc.'s solution and service in software testing, please visit booth #13002.

About Suresoft Technologies, Inc.

Suresoft Technologies, Inc. has developed several state-of-art technologies and products for automated software testing for the automotive industry. These include software static analysis tool, unit/integration testing tool, code coverage measuring tool. All of these tools have been certified in accordance to ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and IEC 62279. Also they have been qualified to use for verification of aviation software based on DO-178B/C. Suresoft Technologies, Inc. also provides software testing services which are optimized for the client’s software development environment, operational environment, testing environment and also focused on the client’s specific purpose of software testing. For more information regarding Suresoft Technologies, Inc.’s products and testing services, please contact them via


Sandra Evans, 415-887-9230

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