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Sue Industrial Picks ZW3D to Boost Design and Manufacturing of Auto Parts

Wednesday, Apr 22, 2015

ZW3D, one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the manufacturing industry, today announced that it has been selected by Sue Industrial Co., Ltd. (SIC), a leading manufacturer of brake parts for cars and motorcycles in Thailand.

Established in 1992, SIC is a motorcycle and automobile spare parts manufacturer in Bangkok, Thailand, providing a variety of auto accessories under the “YASAKI” brand in countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Iran, Dubai, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Dominican Republic.

The Need

To stay ahead of market, SIC highly values quality and efficiency. The need for improved efficiency was particularly urgent when manufacturing after-market products via CNC machining. Besides, higher requirements of mold design accompanied with the development of business when SIC tried to keep offering products with a value for money to their customers pushed SIC to find a better solution.

The Solution

With unique advantages, ZW3D stood out from other 3D design platforms and was finally chosen by SIC. “The hybrid modeling really simplifies design processes when creating products. And the all-in-one solution helps us to streamline and speed up the design and manufacturing cycle. ZW3D’s simple 2D drawing definitely accelerates our CNC programming,” said Mr. Somchai, General Manager of SIC. “We used ZW3D to replace AutoCAD and MasterCAM.”

Plus, with whole-process mold functionalities, like quick splitting, standard mold base library and BOM, ZW3D assisted SIC to boost mold design. It turned out that SIC benefited from not only the improved overall mold design efficiency but also the improved overall CAD design efficiency.

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About Sue Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sue Industrial Co., Ltd., as a local & overseas supplier and exporter who provides quality products to customers, mainly produces brake shoes, disc brake pads, wheel hubs (front/rear), brake & clutch levers and some accessories, as well as other aluminum-related products.


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