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State Auto Care Pairs Tires with U-Haul Trucks in Raleigh

Saturday, Feb 07, 2015

Like so many U-Haul neighborhood dealers, State Auto Care & Used Tires owner Leon Hayes has short- and long-term business plans.

In the short term, Hayes is making significant landscaping improvements to his business.

In the long term, he hopes to use the added revenue from his new partnership with U-Haul to expand his operation and employ more members of the community.

State Auto Care at 1316 S. Blount St. is open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. daily and offers some of the city's best deals on new and used tires for all makes and models. Hayes also offers U-Haul trucks, trailers and towing equipment, rental support items, in-store pick-up for boxes, after-hours drop-off and more.

Like Hayes, Raleigh city officials hope to make things more aesthetically pleasing around State Auto Care's part of town. There are plans to revitalize the rough and low-income downtown area of Raleigh by widening the streets and making general visual improvements, according to Hayes.



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