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Mystik® Lubricants Introduces New Grease Designed to Extend Service Intervals for Heavy Duty Trucks

Wednesday, Jul 01, 2015

Hard-working, heavy duty trucks just met their match with a new grease designed to keep them on the road more and in the shop less. Mystik® introduces JT-6® Super Heavy Duty 460 Grease, a synthetic-blend formula engineered to extend service intervals farther than conventional greases. The new grease uses a proprietary "stay in place" formula that provides twice the wear protection of other leading greases.

"Our economy depends on heavy duty trucks to deliver products across the country, so it's critical that the grease stays where you want it, resists the elements, and requires fewer applications while out on the road," said Karl Schmidt, general manager of Mystik Lubricants. "Mystik Lubricants products are designed to dominate extreme conditions, and the new JT-6 Super Heavy Duty 460 Grease is no exception; it's an exceptional grease that will keep heavy duty trucks safely operating at peak efficiency."

Mystik JT-6 Super Heavy Duty 460 Grease delivers unparalleled performance in agriculture, construction, and heavy duty off-highway equipment. In addition to its ability to stay in place and offer maximum wear protection, the new grease provides pumpability over a wide temperature range and is water and corrosion resistant to protect against exposure to harsh corrosive anti-icing agents. With all these benefits, the product is especially good at providing extreme protection for fifth wheels, kingpins, throw-out bearings, U-joints, pins and bushings.

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