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High-Performance Nissan Skyline R32 GTR is a Part of Montu Motors' Latest Car Dealership Lineup

Saturday, Nov 29, 2014

Montu Motors, a respected dealership in Tampa, Florida, recently unveiled its newest shipment of classic Japanese cars: two Nissan Skyline GTRs, a Skyline GTS-T, and a Nissan Pao. The company was the first to legally import, register, and insure a Nissan Skyline GTR into the United States under the 25-year exemption rule, which frees any car over 25 years old from the EPA and NHTSA requirements.

The Nissan Skyline, a stylish model known for its high performance, is RWD until it pulls enough G's or loses traction—then it transfers up to 50 percent of its power to the front. This allows the driver to obtain AWD performance with all of the benefits of RWD, such as oversteer and predictability. Montu Motors offers its clients an optional upgrade that allows them to manually control the AWD to RWD ratio anywhere from zero to 50 percent FWD on demand.

As an alternative to the Nissan Skyline GTR, Montu Motors recommends looking at other Japanese car models such as the Silvia S13 and AE86 Corolla. Montu Motors also offers its clients unique, immaculate, and low-mileage cars such as the Nissan Pao. The dealership is committed to helping the automotive industry by helping customers attain their dream cars.