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Austin Honda dealership optimizes vehicle research with new website portal

Friday, Nov 28, 2014

The search for a new vehicle has never been easier thanks to a Honda dealership in Austin, Texas. Howdy Honda recently created a model research portal available on its website, which provides drivers with in-depth information on new Honda models and their performance capabilities. This research portal is making the car-buying process more convenient and informative for Austin consumers.

Howdy Honda's model research portal contains information on all of the Honda vehicles in its inventory. The webpage consists of vehicle overviews and links to more substantial vehicle research pages. The most recent addition to the portal is a page exclusively highlighting the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid in Austin, TX. Here, drivers will be able to educate themselves on the vehicle's estimated fuel economy rating, performance strengths and technology features.

Another feature found on the model research portal is vehicle comparison pages. These pit new Honda vehicles against their largest competitors so drivers can get a solid idea of how the vehicles perform throughout their class. Each page features a chart highlighting the vehicles' most highly requested information, which is a quick reference for drivers wanting to know how two models compare.

Researching a vehicle is made easier with Howdy Honda's model portal, as the webpage houses all of the information a driver could need when searching for a new car. The dealership strives to be a trusted automotive resource in the Austin community, but is proud to have a way to reach prospective car buyers and vehicle enthusiasts across the interweb.