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2015 China International Tire and Rubber Fair

Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014

CTF focuses completely on the development of the rubber and tire industries in China and it is a prestigious exhibition established in 2004 that completely devotes itself in exhibiting the awestruck rubber processing equipment, finished tire products and the tire related products such as tire accessories, wheels. The abundant product series make CTF to become one of the most successful trade show in the world wide tire industry chain and it also provides a good opportunity for the worldwide buyers and supplier to meet.

Exhibition sections

1. All kinds of tires and wheels
2. Tire accessories
3. Tire manufacturing technologies and equipment
4. Synthetic rubber, equipment and raw materials for its manufacturing
5. Tire trade and services
6. Synthetic fibers, technical textile, steel cord
7. Tire retreading, repair and recycling technologies
8. Associations, press, Institutions and services.

Why Qingdao

- Economically very important port city in the southeast region of Shandong Province
- Located not far from South Korea and Japan and halfway between Shanghai and Peking, the most important cities in China for international trade.
- More than 1000 companies working in the tire and rubber sector.
- Tire exports account for half of the total amount in China.

Why Shandong province – some statistics

- Shandong ranks first among the provinces in the production of tires in China. Total output of tires reached 380 million by the end of 2013, accounts for almost 50% of the country’s output and more than 15% of the world’s output.
- Total tire sales income of more than 310 billions.
- Tire productivity grows 15% annually.
- Synthetic rubber shortfall of 500,000 tons.
- Up to 560 tire manufactures.

Visitors of CTF 2014

- 22,569 trade visitors
- Primarily specialized manufacturers, buyers and scientific
researchers in the tire and rubber industry.
- Also visitors from tire and rubber cooperatives, retailers, users of rubber products, and trade associations.
- 730 overseas visitors in total, from Russia, Brazil, the Middle East, South Africa, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, Columbia, Bangladesh, Canada, USA, Italy, Turkey, Vietnam, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Paraguay, Ethiopia, Belarus, Finland, Japan, Malaysia, Egypt, UK, Mexico, India
Libya and other 30 countries.

High market demand in

- modern foreign machinery
- new technologies
- professional purchasers for tires
- high quality of rubber raw materials suppliers
- up-to-date information of how to reduce environmental pollution in China.

How to visit?


To save time on the site and enjoy the express service offered to preregistered visitors, please register online by clicking before 15 March, 2015. Or just complete the registration form below,
we will send you a confirmation letter that will serve as a ticket to collect your badges without any fee.

The professional exhibition is only open to visitors of relevant professionals. Visitors below 18 are kindly not permitted to enter.

Walk-In Visitors

The exhibition is only open to professionals who bring their business card or fill in the registration form at the visitor-registration counter. They will get their visitor badges without any admission fee."