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AUTOEXPO-2016 Africa

Tuesday, Dec 22, 2015

19th edition of AUTOEXPO-2016 gives professionals a way to make the most of this unique opportunity to meet and reinforces successful strategy based on three key themes: more business, more services and more events. It will take place from 10th -12th June at The Dome in Nairobi, Kenya and from 07th- 09th July at the Mlimani Conference Centre in the capital city of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

Trading & Sourcing will be open to all exhibitors, individuals and national pavilions, targeting large buyers and the distribution industry in particular. Open for three days to better meet the needs of international customers. AUTOEXPO-2016 will host exhibitors internationally and locally in a combined space of over 3115 sq meters. We aim at gathering positive energy to propel co-operation and innovation.

Fast tracked industrialization and modernization currently sweeping through many African countries has resulted in an increased demand for capital goods such as machinery, lubricants, spare parts, ball bearings and other automotive mechanical goods and accessories. The market for automobile spare parts, in particular, has been an attractive sector for global exporters, as Africa has witnessed a remarkable increase in imports by 30%. This is a perfect time to enter the African market. With large number of crowd the potential of the exhibitors to find a perfect buyer is tremendous. The automobile industry has grown so vast in this last few years that right now due to excessive demand even the smallest of business can enter and flourish in the African market. AUTOEXPO is expected to get visitors from the entire African subcontinent. Everyone can find that perfect venture where relationship can be formed to benefit both the parties involved. It ill host some of the latest technologies, modern technique and efficient way of handling automobile industry. In the end this skill and knowledge is utilized to benefit the consumers.

The emphasis is on green technology. The pressure on the industry to produce eco friendly automobiles is very intense. Africa striding towards modernization but its wish to maintain nature at its prime has forced companies to innovate technology that has low consumption of fuel, reduced emission and other factors that will produce a healthier environment for its people. We will give you a perfect platform where you will find all of this together under one roof. We aim to provide awareness to every visitor who walks into AUTOEXPO so that he is enriched with knowledge and has access to the latest and best in the industry when he walks out.

As the African automotive industry moves to the next stage of its development, AUTOEXPO also enter a maturity stage. With a focus on the entire automotive supply chain, AUTOEXPO fully demonstrates its confidence of auto show, while further exploring the culture of the industry. AUTOEXPO is striving to develop itself as one of the world's leading auto shows.

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