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Normally a “Hybrid” is an offspring of two dissimilar plants or animals, but one must wonder how “Hybrid” is related to Automotive Technology. The US Dept. of Energy defines a hybrid as a type of electric vehicle (HEV) which combines two or more energy conversion technologies (e.g., heat engines, fuel cells, generators, or motors) with one or more energy storage technologies (e.g., fuel, batteries, ultra capacitors, or flywheels).

Featured Products
Wheel Covers & Center Caps
Wheel Covers & Center Caps
Polyplastics have adopted the emblem manufacturing techniques for the production of Wheel Covers & Center Caps which serve both functional and ornamental needs, combining aesthetics, function and pull out force specifications of OEMs. Polyplastics has developed wheel covers
Rivets, Screws, Pins, Bolts, stud
Rivets, Screws, Pins, Bolts, stud
Maadhav automotive supplies Mould Screws that are qualitative and are comprehensively used in diverse industries. The Mould Screws are used in all types of machines. They can customise these mould screws as per the requirements of the clients. Mould screws are available at cost-effective rates.
Mould Screws
Mould Screws
Metaforge Engineering manufactures a wide range of rivets, screws, pins, bolts and studs. These Rivets, Screws, Pins, Bolts, and Studs are used in various industrial applications. Metaforge Engineering can customize these Rivets, Screws, Pins, Bolts, and Studs as per the requirements of the clients.
Industry Updates
Mitsubishi Sells Cars in China – In fact, Sales Up 380%
It was often wondered what Mitsubishi’s survival plan in China actually was, and what exactly its new global product platform was going to look like in the next few years. In several of its key traditional markets Mitsubishi has slowed to an almost stop with no new models and a seeming lack of innovation when compared to the rest of the market.
Press Release
Software Company Anahata Offers Services to Melbourne's Automotive Industry
Anahata has just released its new line of integrated ICT solutions for the Melbourne automotive industry. Founded in 2010, Anahata has made its presence felt in Melbourne by offering a different kind of ICT solutions that address the specific needs and challenges of businesses in particular industry.
Events and Exhibition
European Fuel cell, Pierolunghi conference
Dec 11 2013 - Dec 13 2013
Rome, Italy,Piazza della Pilotta n. 4, 00187 Roma
ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy
and Sustainable Economic Development) - I
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